5 recommended movies to watch as a family this weekend on Disney +


These are the best Disney+ original movies to watch as a family this weekend.

If you have Disney+ and you like to enjoy a good movie with your family on weekends, but you don’t know which one to choose from the extensive catalog of the streaming platform, we’re here to give you a cable because, below, we’re going to recommend 5 Disney+ Original Movies to Watch This Weekend.

If you want to enjoy both these movies and other really entertaining ones, don’t forget to subscribe to Disney+ if you haven’t already, and remember that if you hire the annual plan you will pay €7.50 per month instead of the €8.99 per month of the monthly mode.

5 exclusive Disney+ movies perfect for family viewing this weekend

Red, the latest Pixar and Disney movie, is perfect to enjoy with the family this weekend

If you don’t know what movie to watch this weekend with your wife and children, don’t worry because today we come to recommend 5 perfect animated films to enjoy with the family:

  • Net
  • Charm
  • Ice Age: Buck’s Adventures
  • Luca
  • Soul


Red is the latest Disney Pixar movie, it premiered on Disney+ last month and tells us the story of Mei Lee, a 13-year-old girl who has to face her adolescence and a curious genetic inheritance that causes her to when she gets nervous she becomes, nothing more and nothing less than, a red panda


Another of the films that we recommend you watch as a family this weekend is Encanto, the most recent production of Disney Studios that came to the streaming platform last Christmas and that has been Awarded an Oscar for Best Animated Film in 2021.

Encanto tells the story of the Madrigal family, who lives peacefully in a magical house in the Colombian mountains, until the young Mirabel, who is the only one who does not have magical powers, discovers that magic is in danger and goes on a great adventure to save it.

Ice Age: Buck’s Adventures

Ice Age: The Adventures of Buck is the sixth installment of the mythical Ice Age saga and in this new movie brothers Crash and Eddie go on an adventure to find a new homebut they quickly find themselves trapped in a huge underground cave called The Lost World.

They are rescued by their friend, the one-eyed weasel buck wild and together they embark on a mission to save the Lost World from the domination of the dinosaurs.


Luca is another Disney Pixar movie that premiered to great acclaim on Disney+ last summer and is set in a small town on the Italian Riviera. Over there, Luca and his best friend Alberto they meet a girl named Guilia, who is the daughter of a fisherman, and they believe some kind of freak club.

Together they discover a great secret: that Luca and Alberto are actually two otherworldly sea monsters that live at the bottom of the ocean and transform into humans when they rise to the surface.


Soul is another Disney Pixar production awarded by the film academy in 2021 with two Oscars, the one for best animated film and the one for best soundtrack.

Soul tells the story of Joe Gardner, a music teacher whose passion is playing jazz, but when he gets the opportunity he’s been waiting for all his life, he suffers an accident that leads to take a trip from New York to heaven thanks to which you will discover the really important things in life.

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