Alfredo Adame continues to have an affair with Magaly Chávez

the problems between Alfredo Adame Y Magaly Chavez They are already in the past, so their courtship and other projects are still underway, yes, she assures that contrary to what the actor had said, it was he who apologized for the tantrum and asked him to continue together.

“These are differences from any courtship, he got angry because I told him I wanted a pie, it was two in the morning, but actually I wanted to see him because I hadn’t done it for a long time, so he didn’t get the idea… but everything is fixed with a kiss, with a little massage and like that, he already asked me for forgiveness; She says that I am very capricious, but we women let ourselves be pampered, pampered and told nice things, “said Magaly.

For the actress, what happened to them is not strange at all, because she assures that once they are married, the lawsuits will surely be for things that happen in all marriages, from the order of the house to how the clothes are arranged, in addition to the fact that they must go through a stage of adaptation and mutual knowledge.

One of the tests that he already had to go through with Adame, is all the controversy aroused by the driver’s fight with a marriage in the middle of the Periférico and later the bickering between him and his staunch rival Carlos Trejo, that caused teasing and memes to rain down on her boyfriend.

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“You have to smile at life and laugh at it, we cannot take memes and all the things that come out seriously, on the contrary, we laugh at everything others say and do, we cannot get involved in something that is not real , which is mockery or people who have nothing to do and maybe they are not doing well with their lives, all of that makes us smile… we keep the good and the rest we throw away.”

Even when asked about the famous bicycle kicks of her boyfriend, Magaly responds by joking that she is already showing them to her so she can defend herself.

the beginning of romance

Although a lot has been said about this relationship lately, she assures that her relationship with Alfredo Adame is not from a few months ago, they met five years ago when she was part of the reality show “Enamorandonos”, she saw him and became a man very handsome, things went slowly because he says he’s a bit shy, so they went out to eat, they talked and it didn’t go any further.

“We separated a little bit and in February of this year we saw each other again, they caught us, they recorded us and we could not deny it, because the truth was that there was already love, there was already something and from February to here we are happy.”

She defines Alfredo Adame as a gentleman to the fullest extent of the word, despite the fact that they have spoken very badly about him, but she thinks that they are people who do not know him well or have not even lived with the driver, and also they are left with the worst of their actions, such as fights or bad words.

“I know his big heart, don’t think he’s always angry with me, it’s another wave, obviously nobody sees everything he’s done lately, they just see the bad things about him, but I can say he’s a good person.”

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Magaly explains that there is still no marriage proposal, that what there was was a courtship and for that Adame chose the La Jacinta restaurant, where there were flowers, candles and a trio, but after that Alfredo sent him a ring catalog so that she chooses the one that she is going to wear in her hand, after now they do ask her for a wedding.

Instagram Magaly Chavez.

“This was two months ago, I did not expect it, it was a day full of surprises, he invited me to dinner and when he arrived I saw everything, then he whispered in my ear that if I wanted to be his girlfriend, it was very nice, that day I will never go To forget”.

She does not care about the cost of the engagement ring that Alfredo Adame can give her, because she considers that the important thing is that she get it from the person she adores, admires and respects, but what she is clear about is that it will not be square or in triangle, because he doesn’t want it to bring him bad luck like it did to Belinda, but he’s close to having the chosen one.

Who is Magaly Chavez?

Magaly doesn’t mind being known at this moment as Alfredo Adame’s girlfriend, but she points out that they have a 10-year career as a host, first in Azteca Hidalgo where she was in magazine, news, sports, etc. programs, and since five decided to come to Mexico City to try his luck, but he did so as a participant in the reality show “Enamorandonos”.

“My experience was very good, since I entered they pamper you, they clothe you, at that time there was Magda Rodríguez (RIP), my participation ended when I divorced and went back to look for love but the truth is that I did not find it, I gave up expired”.

The driver affirmed that what she experienced there was real, she tried to make her life next to Bruno, a contestant from the Dominican Republic, but infidelities and disagreements ended the relationship, but she assures that they remained very good friends. But despite everything, Magaly considers that “Enamorandonos” was a good platform for her career.

“Any opportunity is good, especially being in this medium where there is a lot of competition from both women and men, so I don’t say no to work, right now it would be a sin if you say no to a job, so for me everything that is radio , television, magazine, newspaper, whatever, I say yes”.

Currently he collaborates every Wednesday in the radio program of Shanik Berman, where he talks about entertainment and shows, but in the very near future he will start his YouTube channel, where he will generate content of this type. Also among her plans is doing theater next to her boyfriend, in the staging More bastards than pretty, a work in which the different stages of the couple are addressed through comedy, but they still do not have a definite date for this because they are still in talks with the production.