Everything about the popular fake lashes and the best products

What exactly are magnetic eyelashes?

Normally, artificial lashes are glued to the lash line with a special glue, which is not that easy and has cost us quite a bit of nerves in the past. With the magnetic eyelashes we are spared this stress, because unlike the conventional fake lashes, the hairs are attached with the help of small magnet attached to the lash line, which can be done within a few seconds. Within a short time, this new method became a coveted beauty trend. A distinction is made between false eyelashes, which already have an integrated magnet, and false eyelashes, which work with the help of a magnetic eyeliner…

1. False eyelashes with built-in magnet

The classic variant has the magnets already integrated into the eyelash band. Now, of course, the question arises as to how exactly the artificial lashes are supposed to stay on the eye: the popular product consists of two eyelash bands, the first is held over your own natural hairs, while the second is fastened under your natural lashes. This makes it possible for the two bands to attract each other thanks to the small magnets, thus framing the eyelashes.

2. False eyelashes with magnetic eyeliner

Alternatively, you can also use an eyeliner that contains small magnetic particles, which allows the fake lashes to be pulled on and attached. The eyeliner makes this look much more dramatic and ensures a glamorous appearance.

This is how you can attach the magnetic eyelashes

While attaching fake lashes for gluing requires a lot of tact and patience, magnetic eyelashes are completely different and attaching the wow lashes is super easy. The whole thing differs depending on which variant you choose. So that nothing stands in the way of the breathtaking look and you are completely satisfied with the result, here are our step-by-step instructions.

  • Without eyeliner: Every eye shape and every lash line is individual, which is why the magnetic lashes come first cropped should be. This way you can adjust the eyelash band perfectly and make sure that the look doesn’t look too artificial. To do this, you can hold the eyelash tape to your eye with tweezers and see how much needs to be cut off or shortened. If the full-length magnetic eyelashes are too much for you, you can of course simply attach a shorter piece to the outer corner of the eye, which will give you the typical cat-eye look. Now it’s time to attach it – the packaging usually already shows which of the two eyelash bands goes up and which down. Start with the upper lash line, which you place as close as possible to the eyelid and your own lash line with tweezers or a plastic applicator. In the next step, you position the second band below the eyelashes so that the two components can unfold their effect and, thanks to the magnets, frame the natural hairs. Don’t worry if you don’t succeed in attaching it on the very first try – after all, practice makes perfect and within a short time the whole thing works almost automatically. Depending on your needs, you can finally apply some mascara.
  • With eyeliner: Why apply an extra eyeliner when we can also combine the whole thing directly with the magnetic eyelashes? With this variant, too, the lashes are first adjusted and shortened if necessary before the magnetic eyeliner is used, which you can pull close to the eye as usual. The artificial eyelashes are then placed on the eyeliner and are attracted by the eyeliner – without any glue! The same applies here: If you want the look to be a little more intense, you can apply another layer of mascara.

Magnetic eyelashes in comparison: the 3 best products

The selection of fake lashes is quite large, which does not necessarily make it easier to choose. We have therefore relieved you of the search for the best products and have identified our three absolute favourites. One thing is certain: you can’t go wrong with these magnetic eyelashes.