Lorenzo Castañeda: Learn how medicine changed his life – Diario de Xalapa

Veracruz Ver.- Lorenzo Castaneda Pacheco He acknowledges that he became a doctor by chance, however, when he decided to study that profession, he did so with an intact vocation that came from his heart with the idea of ​​helping others.

Thus, He became one of the most renowned doctors from Veracruz.because it has added 39 years providing consultations in the private and public spherewith a career with which he has won 16 different awards for his career.

Castañeda Pacheco has also held important positions in the public service in the health sector, as director of the two most important hospitals in the city of Veracruz and as Head of Sanitary Jurisdiction number 8based in this conurbated area.

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But before all this, in his childhood, he dreamed of being journalist, that dream led him to work in a printing workshop of one of the most popular newspapers of the time. He relates that he saw closely the dynamics and the work of the reporters and always had admiration for them.

It was during a work day that a rotating machine pulled his hand and amputated part of one of his fingers, when he entered the Emergency Department of the Red Cross He was treated by a doctor who with a quick intervention saved him from total amputation.

The dedication that doctor put into saving his finger, when other doctors gave a different prognosis, made him rethink his goals and he decided to follow that same example, to become a professional who helps people.

When I was exactly 17 years old, I suffered an accident in the machines, where my finger got stuck, I practically lost it, my brother took me to the Red Cross and a doctor wanted to amputate my finger and another doctor said no, and already very dedicated attended, I felt it as an act of great satisfaction”.

That was where wanting to study medicine called me… I worked and studied, worked in the newspapers, practically until the eighth semester when I practically left my degree”.

Lorenzo Castañeda entered and graduated as a medical surgeon at the Miguel Alemán Faculty of Medicine of the Veracruzana University (UV)where he studied for a preparatory year and eight semesters to become a doctor.

Later, he did his residency at the Red Cross, in the Emergency Department, later he moved to Saint Anthonya town in the Papaloapan Basinwhere for a year he provided social service to the residents in a clinic in the region.

Already qualified, upon his return to Veracruz, he set up a pharmacy where he offered his private consultations at low costs, at the same time that he taught classes in the CETSa high school where classes were offered to students seeking to enter a career in health sciences.

Later, he found himself in a situation that would place him in the media plane, when walking in the beach area he encountered an emergency, a tourist from Puebla had drowned and he struggled to give him first aid until he revived him.

That gave him space in the headlines of the local newspapers, which with headlines highlighted on their front page that a local doctor had revived a dead tourist on the beaches of Boca del Río.

But at the same time, it made him worthy of the Boca del Río Citizen Merit Awardone of the many awards it has, such as the Medical Merit Award granted by the State Governmentwhich was given to him in the 2009.

This last award was given to him when in his professional history he added his trajectory of 8 years as director of the Regional Hospital of Tarimoyalater he was appointed for six months as director of the Regional Hospital of High Specialty of Veracruz, before landing as Head of the Sanitary Jurisdiction Number 8.

Although all the positions he held allowed him to get ahead economically, he assures that in each of those positions he always sought to fulfill the Hippocratic Oath, to help people who needed it with quality health services.

Already dedicated to the medical field, after holding various positions, Lorenzo Castañeda decided to do his bit to combat the pandemic of Covid-19for which he offered his free medical consultations to people who required it during the health emergency.

He offered consultations through video calls and managed to attend to 7 thousand 714 people suffering from various ailments, including covid, without charging a peso in return.

He did all of the above with the support and encouragement of his family, particularly his wife, who reminded him that his gift of service was one of the main pillars of his vocation as a doctor, he adds.

Lorenzo Castañeda expresses that, providing these consultations helped him to cope with the confinementdoing what he loves most and giving part of that love to his patients.

The medical consultations that he provided remotely were without distinction of creed, political or economic.

He says he feels satisfied because despite the pandemic he did not sit idly by and was able to help those who needed it and saved lives as far as humanly possible.