Niurka criticized Paulina Rubio for ignoring Alejandra Guzmán: “She is envious”

Niurka pointed out that Paulina Rubio would have broken her contract by ignoring Alejandra Guzmán at the concert (Photos: Cuartoscuro/ Instagram @paulinarubio)

After Paulina Rubio ignored Alejandra Guzmán in his first two concerts of the Perrísimas Tour, Niurka Marcos reacted to the behavior of golden girl and assured that it is a envious.

On April 15, the first photographs of Alejandra Guzmán and Paulina Rubio began to circulate on social networks at their first concert of the Perrísimas Tour. Both singers enjoyed the stage in their own way, but some Internet users highlighted that, supposedly, the daughter of Susana Dosamantes behaved rudely with his partner.

As reported on Twitter and Instagram, the golden girl he ignored Alejandrawhich earned him several criticisms, including that of Niurka.

They criticized the new tour of the singers for Paulina’s behavior with Alejandra

In a short meeting with the press, the Cuban assured that Guzmán does know how to share his stage with other people, and his intention from the beginning was to meet in peace with Rubio.

“You know what I think? That the true artist, with true talent, shares the stage with humility, and as Alejandra Guzmán is a great artist, she shares the stage and it was her intention; Ale sings, Ale interprets, Ale is a queen and she respects her audience, ”she said before Berenice Ortiz’s camera.

However, according to the showgirlthe interpreter of Not a single word is a “majodera” for not knowing how to share with your colleague and satisfy your audience.

Paulina doesn’t sing as much and she’s not as talented. You wanted to do the same thing to Thalía years ago, right? So why collaborate with her? Sure the tickets are being canceled and all because the public saw that and didn’t like it and they say: ‘Fuck*, the collaboration is over’ (…) She it’s been a mess with everybody “

Niurka pointed out that the cancer suffered by Susana Dosamantes should not be linked to her daughter's behavior (Photo: Instagram/@niurka.oficial)
Niurka pointed out that the cancer suffered by Susana Dosamantes should not be linked to her daughter’s behavior (Photo: Instagram/@niurka.oficial)

During this meeting, the press reminded Niurka that Paulina’s mother, Susana Dosamanteswas recently diagnosed with pancreatic cancerwhich could have caused a strong impact on the singer and this would have been reflected on stage, but the dancer dismissed this possibility.

The ass has nothing to do with the drizzlehas nothing to do with the rudeness of his daughter on stage with the mother who is sick. That (Susana Dosamantes) compose quicklyLet’s all put prayers, positive minds (…) so that the lady, who is a queen, fine with class, heals quickly, “said the actress.

As Marcos recalled, it is not the first time that Rubio has done such a scene with a singer, so he questioned why he continues to collaborate and how he would be breaking his contracts.

Guzmán and Rubio assured that they had been talking for two years to reconcile and make "Perrísimas Tour" (Photos: Instagram/@paulinarubio/@laguzmanmx)
Guzmán and Rubio assured that they had been talking for two years to reconcile and do “Perrísimas Tour” (Photos: Instagram/@paulinarubio/@laguzmanmx)

He also assured that she had reacted very different from the Queen of Hearts if the golden girl behave the same way with her, because she would be willing to prove it to your audience.

“I tell the public: ‘Look at this little bobita, culicagad*, pendej*, who doesn’t sing, who is making me ugly. I’m here for the record company, because I have to fulfill a contract, but what I have to put up with is this asshole *”, she said annoyed.

At the end of his statements, he shared that, after having remembered how the interpreter of I am not that womanhaving seen the videos of the Perrísimas concert and remembering the delicate health of Dosamantes, came to the conclusion that Paulina Rubio is envious.

“We come to the conclusion, those present here, that yes she is envious, she is a negative and insecure personabove all insecure ”, he stressed.


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