The message Debanhi sent to actress Samadhi Zendejas

the mexican actress Samadhi Zendejasstar of the television series “Mariposa de barrio” (based on the life of singer Jenni Rivera), expressed his feelings for the death of the young law student, Debanhi Escobar, who unfortunately was found lifeless inside an abandoned cistern, after 13 days of having disappeared. In addition, revealed a special request he made a few weeks before his sad end.

In the stories of her Instagram account, the actress, 27 years old and originally from Mexico City, shared a video where she mentioned that she felt her heart was crushed.

“I woke up with news from a follower of mine who has had me sick all day, with my heart crushed, wanting to vomit, with a lot of impotence,” he said through tears.

To get home, Samadhi Zendejas lit a candle and said a prayer in memory of Debanhi“they don’t know what I ordered why it was okay”.

Later, he showed, with a screenshot, the message that Debanhi Escobar sent him a few months before he died, asking him to open a YouTube channel. Likewise, he promised that he would raise her voice for her and for all women.

You wanted me to open my YouTube channel, that was your last message to me, I will raise my voice for you and for all of you, you are the most important thing to me. I love them.

Samadhi Zendejas shared the message Debanhi sent him.

Samadhi Zendejas He asked all his followers to take care of each other and above all, have more empathy between them.

“The only thing I want to ask of you is that if you are a woman, let’s take care of each other, let’s not leave each other alone in vulnerable moments, in moments when we know we are at risk, let’s stop criticizing each other and start admiring each other, let’s stop judging each other and start empowering ourselves, the more voice we have in this country, it will be more difficult for them to harm us”.

Debanhi Susana Escobar Bazaldúa, 18 years old, disappeared on April 9 at kilometer 15.5 of the highway from Monterrey to Nuevo Laredo, in front of the Nueva Castilla motel, in the state of Nuevo León, Mexico, after having attended a party.

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This highway is known as “the highway of terror”, due to the cases of kidnappings and forced disappearances registered on it. 13 days later, Debanhi’s body was found inside an abandoned cistern, in the Nueva Castilla motel, a few meters from the place where he disappeared.. “My daughter is dead, and I don’t know what to do,” his father told the media, in the area where the young woman was found.

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