The Mummy was my worst professional and personal failure, confesses director Alex Kurtzman

Alex Kurtzman is about to premiere his new series The Man Who Fell to Earth, adaptation of the novel of the same name. And with the promotion of it, the director took the moment to reflect on how badly his previous work, The Mummy, turned out. 16%. In 2017 it premiered The Mummy, a film that was expected to pave the way for a new franchise of monster movies from Universal Pictures. Everything seemed to indicate that it was the beginning of something good.

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With Marvel creating a very successful shared universe in the cinema, the other production companies began to put together their own universes. Universal Pictures owns the rights to the most famous monsters in cinema, including: Dracula, The Invisible Man, Dr. Jekill/Mr Hyde, Frankenstein, and of course, The Mummy. And that’s how the idea of ​​a universe shared by all these characters began to take shape.

The Mummy it was the film chosen to pave the way for what would become known as the Dark Universe. With Tom Cruise as the lead and Russell Crowe making a cameo as Dr. Jekill, it was clear that there was faith in the future of this shared universe. But there was a problem, the film was a total failure. and the director alex kurtzman does not suffer when talking about it in an interview with The Playlist:

I am of the view that you learn nothing from your successes and you learn everything from your failures. And that was probably the biggest failure of my life, both personally and professionally. There are about a million things I regret, but he also gave me so many unbelievably beautiful gifts. I didn’t become a director until I made that movie, and it wasn’t because it was well directed, it was because it wasn’t…

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He comments how at the time the whole process was difficult to carry out what was supposed to be the beginning of a new great franchise:

… And as brutal as it was, in many ways, and with as many cooks in the kitchen as there were, I’m very grateful for the opportunity to make those mistakes because it made me a tougher person and it also made me a clearer filmmaker. .

For him, the most important thing is what he learned after this experience, and that is to trust his instinct. Above all, the best lesson is not to make the same mistakes again:

And that’s been a real gift and I feel those gifts all the time because I’m very clear now that if I have a feeling that doesn’t feel right, I don’t keep quiet about it anymore. I literally won’t proceed when I feel that feeling. It’s not worth it to me. And you can’t get to that place of gratitude until you’ve had that kind of experience. Look, if you look at history and look at the people who have done amazing things, each one of them will tell you the same story, which is that it came about after a failure, so now I remember that with gratitude. It took me a while to get there, but my life is better because of it.

The director seems to have gotten over the failure of his movie and seems ready to move on to try new things. He for the moment he has faith that his series The Man Who Fell to Earth you will be well received. The series is about an alien played by Chiwetel Ejiofor, who is searching for a scientist named Justin Falls, played by Naomie Harris, who seems to be the key to saving humanity.

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