the Netflix documentary about a doctor who inseminated more than 50 women with his own sperm

If there is a fashion comparable to that of superheroes in recent years, it is true crime explosion that spills over onto streaming services, especially Netflix: from scammers looking for their prey on Tinder, to cat killers caught on Facebook, to deranged tiger keepers. Now, Blumhouse brings another one of those too-impossible-to-be-fiction stories. ‘Our father’ premieres on May 11and we advance the true story as told by The Atlantic: absolutely incredible.

The donor doctor

In the United States, websites such as MyHeritage or Ancestry, which analyze your DNA, are usual birthday and holiday gifts. It’s fun to see how similar the people around you are. And that’s what happened in Indiana: a few girls started checking their DNA… And they found that they were sisters without knowing it. How was it possible? What did they have in common? Analyzing her life, they only discovered a link: their mothers were artificially inseminated. In the same clinic. By the same doctor.

Our Father

Year 1979. Donald Cline, a very religious man, opens her own fertility clinic in Minneapolis to help couples who want to conceive but can’t. There are no sperm banks and only a few donors, usually medical school students, so Cline doesn’t always have someone to turn to for the procedure. that’s when decides to do it himself. Said and done: Cline masturbated in her clinic and then impregnated the women who came to her clinic. But she didn’t do it just once, no: she did it over fifty, until the late ’80s.

Believing that his crime would never come to light and convinced that he was a help to the women who came to him for adviceCline inseminated women who came to see him up to five times: his clinic was known for using fresh semen instead of frozen, which was considered better at the time. And so decades passed: Cline quit her job as a doctor, dedicated herself to enjoying retirement and hoping her life would go smoothly.

Don’t use my religion

Jacoba Ballard was the first to realize what was happening. Knowing that she had been artificially inseminated by an anonymous donor, in 2014 started looking for other step-siblings, hoping to find one or two. She entered a forum for adoptees and people conceived in this way and immediately found a woman treated by Cline. The resemblance between the two was uncanny.

Cline never tried to deny it: on the contrary, at the first “family” meeting he admitted his crime, asked all his children where they lived and what they did for a living, and later claimed that any records that might remain had been destroyed years ago. He then picked up a notebook and began reciting verses from the Bible, Ballard admonished, “Don’t try to use my religion.” Cline didn’t pay much attention: Shortly after, claiming to be sorry for his actions, he said “Before I formed you in the womb I knew you” (Jeremiah 1:5, for the most devout). We won’t go into exactly how he met her.

Why psychopaths draw us so much into a horrific and extreme world

Many open questions remain: Why was Cline not arrested when the percale was known? And above all, why did he do it? The answer to the first is simple: his crime cannot be proven in court due to the lack of evidence. He was fined $500 and a year of probation., as well as losing his medical license (several years after retiring). As for the second… Well, who knows.

But then why?

No one knows exactly what was going through the doctor’s mind when he inseminated more than 50 women (that we know of by now) with his sperm: some believe it was a god complexor an experiment, while his family defends that he only had the real intention of helping them, and that given the lack of donors acted as best he knew. The truth is that dozens of residents in the city now live in fear of knowing if any of the people they meet daily (including couples) could really be their step-siblings.

Our Father

The May 11 We will see how this story ends in a documentary created by Blumhouse for Netflix. It is not the first documentary by the production company, which has already made others such as ‘Pray away’ or ‘Kill chain’, but the story promises to shock wherever it goes.