This is the business paradise of “El Potrillo

After the death of his father, Vicente Fernandezon December 12, 2021, Alexander Fernandezthe youngest of the three sons of “El charro de Huentitán” became the greatest representative of the musical and business legacy of the Fernandez dynasty.

“El Potrillo”, as he is known, was introduced by his father to the public when he was only five years old and sang the song “Alejandra” in front of more than 10,000 people; By then he had already worked as an actor in the movie “Mexican Picardy” playing Luisito, for which he received his first financial compensation at the age of four.

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The first time he registered his name as a brand, he did it to market dresses, perfumes and fragrances, in 2001, according to the Mexican Registry of Industrial Property, but today, on his 51st birthday, Alejandro Fernández’s business paradise includes at least 15 trademarks, real estate, business and earnings from 17 studio albums and 20 movies in which he has participated.

Photo: Via Instagram

“In this career you never know how much artistic life you are going to have. That’s why I started opening up to new businesses,” Fernández told Forbes in 2014.

The website specialized in calculating the fortune of personalities, “Celebrity Net Worth”, estimates that “El Potrillo” has 50 million dollars.

​These are the trademarks that Alejandro Fernández has registered in his name:


In 2002 he signed as proxy for his name as an entertainment brand, in total there were nine contracts for this process.


License that allows to market dresses, perfumery and fragrances, jewelry and costume jewelry.


It has worked for him to register clothing, footwear and jewelry, as well as his own tequila.


In 2015, he created the brand of natural plants and flowers, in which he also offered advertising and commercial business management services.


Dedicated to education services, training, training and sports and cultural activities.


It offers entertainment services provided by entertainment artists.


For the organization of entertainment events, concerts and sports competitions.

In addition, many of these services include registrations under names such as AF, Que se arme, as well as A fetejar al Potrillo, and A festejar al colt, which cover targeted markets from the sale of paper, cardboard and calendars, to the organization of shows.

Alexander Fernandez. Photo: Via Instagram

He is also a partner in the El Jilguero Real Estate companies, Western Show Organization, GDL Executive Connection, Santa Fe-Zapopan Developer, Ferabar Real Estate and Cavae Group.

He himself declared that real estate is his favorite business, which is why he has even invested in tourist complexes such as “Naranjitos”, a property with access to the sea with almost two kilometers of beach in Costa Alegre, Jalisco.

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The singer has properties both in the United States and in Mexico City, but currently resides in his native Jalisco, where he has a luxurious mansion on the beach that many members of the family name as “El bunker”, as he intends to of being an isolated space in the hope of promoting relaxation.

Inside the mansion there are floating beds that let you see the landscape, a pool that connects with the sea, a private beach and a hut.


Through his social networks, he has not hesitated to share some spaces of his private plane, which is a Learjet 45 business class, it was produced by the Canadian company Bombardier Aeroespace with a speed and climbing capacity that allows it to overcome heavy commercial traffic. In addition, having a cabin that is six meters long, 1.56 wide and 1.5 meters high, it allows the boarding of up to nine passengers, with reclining, mobile and rotating seats.


In addition to horses, animals with which he grew up on the Los Tres Foals family ranch, the interpreter has also shown his love for cars and appears on several occasions driving from classic cars to sports cars.

Among the car brands he owns, Porsche and Mercedes stand out, but he also has a Jaguar E-Type Coupe, and a Land Rover Defender 90 Heritage truck, which even Bárbara de Regil has recognized him, writing: “That truck is so beautiful”, in a post.

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