Anastasia Kvitko shines from the pool, ¿Kim Kardashian?

Stunning! The beautiful Russian influencer Anastasia Kvitko left more than one speechless on social networks by deciding to pose all her beauty from the edge of a pool and with a radical change of look.

The beautiful model surprised her followers by wearing very brown hair for this occasion, even because of its color and her stunning figure, many say that she looks like the famous socialite Kim Kardashian.

Anastasia Kvitko showed off more than a radical change of look by darkening her hair and leaving it very relaxed and loose for the photo, because this beautiful woman chose for the occasion a very small two-piece swimsuit in one of the colors most loved by Kardashian, skin color.

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The small and revealing outfit of the Russian model left a large part of her skin and enormous curves in full view of all, Anastasia Kvitko showed off her beautiful legs, flat stomach and voluminous charms in the foreground and from the pool.


The Russian complemented her outfit with a very natural makeup and a pair of gold bracelets on one of her wrists, the star of social networks knows that she does not need more to look really stunning.

The famous woman posed semi-lying down from an area where the green of nature stands out and her photographer captured her “as if she didn’t realize it” and posing like the professional she is before the camera.

Anastasia Kvitko She is one of the most beloved women on social networks, an area that has reached millions of people around the world and places she would never have imagined, all thanks to her talent on camera and her beauty.

One of the secrets of the Russian to charm her followers is to be a very serious woman, it is really strange to see Kvitko speaking or writing very extensively on her social networks, which is why what is known about her is thanks to the images and content that she herself dreams of sharing on her various accounts.

We will surely have Anastasia Kvitko for many more years and her followers ask her to venture into other areas; even seeing her as an actress would be considered a true delight for many.

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