Announced premiere of the film “Father’s Heart”

The film “Father’s Heart”, about Saint Joseph and his influence on the lives of many people in the world, will hit theaters in Peru next Thursday, April 28, and promises to renew the hearts and families of viewers.

“Father’s Heart” is a film directed by Andrés Garrigó, produced by Goya Producciones and distributed by European Dreams Factory, which encourages “rediscovering the personality of José de Nazaret”, not as a silent character, “but as that of a father very special with the power to help millions of people today”, said Goya Producciones.

The tape was recorded in countries such as Spain, Italy, the United States, Canada, Peru, France and the Philippines, where the protagonists recount “authentic miracles” granted through the intercession of Saint Joseph, “ranging from radical conversions and impossible healings, to the recomposition of broken marriages,” he specified.

For the director, this film completes “Goya’s trilogy: ‘Fiery Heart’, ‘Fátima, the Last Mystery’, and ‘Father’s Heart’, which respectively represent ‘Jesus, Mary and Joseph’, the Trinity of the Earth ”. In its 22 years of work, the production company has made other films such as “Petra de San José”, “Poveda” and “Luz de Soledad”.

The film has already been successfully released in Spain, Mexico and Central America, and will hit theaters in Peru on Thursday, April 28, through the Cinemark chain.

Speaking to ACI Prensa, Gaby Jacoba, founder of the International Catholic Film Festival, said that the film “Father’s Heart” has left thousands of people transformed and inspired by its profound and “impressive” message.

Watching the tape “we are going to have an encounter with our glorious Saint Joseph and see how he acts today as protector of our Holy Church”, but “also as protector of our families and our lives”

Likewise, we will be able to contemplate and imitate his virtues on important issues such as “chastity, family, fatherhood, prayer, abandonment, trust,” he said.

“Really, the message of this film is a treasure for the heart, people leave [de las salas de cine] with hope, with faith, but above all discovering this relationship that each one of us can have with Saint Joseph and open our hearts to him so that he can be our spiritual father”, he added.

Jacoba specified that the film premiered in March in Spain, at the Fiesta de San José, “with resounding success”; and also “it swept the cinemas of Mexico, because people really leave very full of love, full of faith.”

He highlighted that in Central America “Corazón de Padre” came “for four consecutive weeks” among the 10 most viewed films, ranking alongside “the films from the big Hollywood studios”.

Jacoba told ACI Prensa that the members of the International Catholic Film Festival are “very excited” about the upcoming premiere in Peru, since the expectation of the film is great, to the point that there are groups that have even “already organized private screenings.”

“The entire Catholic community in Peru is waiting for this film that we know will touch the hearts of our dear family very strongly,” he said.

In addition, he encouraged the entire Catholic community to go see the film, especially during the first weekend of the premiere of “Corazón de Padre” at Cinemark, to ensure that it remains in theaters longer.

He explained that “the theaters evaluate which films come out or are still on the billboard” according to the “attendance at the first weekend of release” of the film, in this case, from Thursday, April 28 to Sunday, May 1.

In addition, he announced that the pre-sale of the film begins on Monday, April 2 and will be held from the Cinemark website. The film can be seen at the Cinemark locations in Bellavista, Jockey, Arequipa, Trujillo, Comas, and Lambramani.

“We invite all of our beloved family from Peru to see ‘Corazón de Padre’. Invite your family, your prayer communities, rosary groups, parishes, movements”; and also “go with young people,” because “it has a very deep message” for them, he said.

“We count on you so that we can really make this revolution of love of San José in Peru,” he concluded.