Arturo Vázquez assured that he did not have a good relationship with his father Alberto: “We have no attachment”

The actor mentioned not having communication with Alberto Vázquez (Photo: Instagram/@arturovazquezoficial)

Although at the end of 2021 they met and even posed together in a series of photographs published on their social networks, Arturo Vazquez He claimed not to have a good relationship with his father, the singer Alberto Vazquezshowing that the visit was something temporary that did not change in any way the resentment that the actor may feel due to the absence that his father had throughout his childhood.

It was through the cameras Come the Joy Weekendthat the soap opera actor like The Color of Passion, Simply Mary (2015) and My Lovely Curse assured that after the great meeting that had, apparently, fixed the bad relationship, there is again a distance, since there is no type of communication between them, neither physically, in writing or interactions on social networks, for which he assured that nothing surprises him anymore since his whole life has been like this.

“Well, we are not attached to the WhatsApp all the time. The greatest attachment I could have had is with my momthat is, much bigger than the one I had with my dad. We don’t have that attachment, neither he towards me, nor I towards him. He will talk to me or I don’t know, there will be a letter in the mailbox or there won’t be, “the actor began to recount. Televisa.

The famous learned years after the existence of his son Arturo Vázquez
The famous learned years after the existence of his son Arturo Vázquez

The children of celebrities as they grow up confess the great pain caused by the absence that their parents gave them because they were working or focused on artistic projects, but in this case the resentment seems to be still present because despite the fact that they are already two mature men, the things seem to never have a peaceful solution, but rather a possible estrangement “for mental health”, which somehow no longer affects their relationship even more: “AndIt’s not even worth talking about things that didn’t happenthat did not happen or that happened in such a way, “he added.

Arturo Vázquez confessed that he is writing a book about his lifein which he could give more detail about the recent controversy with his father, however, he is not sure of everything that can be reflected, because he assured that if he does not have a clear idea or agrees with the rest of his way of having seen things in his family of celebrities, he would prefer to leave it out and not touch that subject anymore.

The actor has worked in a large number of soap operas (Photo: Instagram/@arturovazquez80s)
The actor has worked in a large number of soap operas (Photo: Instagram/@arturovazquez80s)

“The last thing I’m going to think of is my son, to help me I don’t know how to put a few commas or quote ha, ha, ha. And if I mention something in the book that I remember, it’s because I really don’t remember it, “he confessed.

A year after his unfortunate departure, Arturo Vázquez remembers with deep pain the departure of his motherthe first actress Isela Vegafor which he wants to pay a great tribute to something unusual to what the Mexican public is accustomed to, since it will not be about his career on television, film and theater: he will give her a concert with songs that the interpreter liked to listen to and even dance to.

Slowly… she would start singing like that (she does dance movements) and I would tell her ‘what’s up’ ha, ha, ha ‘it’s good, that song is good’ and she kept dancing”, she expressed with great joy to Aztec TV.

Photo: Instagram / @arturovazquezoficial
Photo: Instagram / @arturovazquezoficial

The actress originally from Hermosillo, Sonora, passed away at 81 years of age. It was in March 2021 when the world of entertainment, through social networks, decided to say goodbye and recognize Isela’s great career, in addition to reflecting on the size of the loss that the artistic field of Mexico has suffered.


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