Christian Nodal made a rudeness to Myrka Dellanos: “Sing in my ear”

The Telemundo presenter was left without knowing what to do in the face of Nodal’s refusal (Photo: Instagram)

Recently carried out Latin American Music Awardsan event where multiple personalities from the music world met and from which some anecdotes emerged, one of them is the one told by Myrka Dellanoswho at the gala held in Las Vegas, Nevada, shared next to Christian Nodal.

The presenter was in charge of chatting with some guests at the ceremony, including the famous “mariacheño” style singer, who according to Luis Miguel’s ex-girlfriend, made a rudeness that left her “in shock” and not knowing what to do .

It was during the live broadcast of his talk that the singer of We are no longer nor will we be snubbed the driver, or at least that’s how it was perceived by the famous. And it was during a broadcast of his program the hot table where the presenter revealed what, Talking with Nodal before going on the air, the singer told him that he would have a musical number at the gala.

So once they got on the air for the interview, the journalist asked him to give her a preview of the presentation What would I give that night, last Thursday, April 21:

Myrka didn't know what to do with him. "rudeness" of Nodal (Photo: File)
Myrka did not know what to do in the face of Nodal’s “rudeness” (Photo: File)

”He was like very calm, he had really had tea with us before leaving, we were talking and he had told me he was going to sing four songs. When we go on air with the energy of being live, I tell him: ‘wowyou are going to sing four songs…yes a medley, etc. so i tell him ‘sing to me a little’, because many times they do that, but I also tell him: ‘sing in my ear’”, he expressed.

However, the response of Belinda’s ex-boyfriend perplexed her and she did not know how to react because she refused to fulfill her request despite the “good chemistry” they had when talking: “He tells me: ‘well another time’. I was like (and now) what do I do? What do I say?… I was OK”he expressed.

To relax the atmosphere, her broadcast partner Verónica Bastos told Myrka that she already knew what it is receive a personal serenade from a famous singeralluding to the well-known romance that De Llanos had with Luis Miguel more than 20 years ago.

“Don’t worry Myrka, other good Mexican singers have really sung to you and in your ear,” said the presenter.

In the 90s he had a media romance with Luis Miguel (Photo: File)
In the 90s he had a media romance with Luis Miguel (Photo: File)

For her part, the presenter of Telemundo He wanted to reduce the tension in the matter and sent a greeting to the man born in Caborca, Sonora, 23 years ago: “Well, Christian, a little kiss and you owe it to me to sing it in my ear”.

Christian Nodal won three awards at the ceremony held in Las Vegas: “Favorite Solo Artist – Regional Mexican”, “Favorite Album – Regional Mexican” for the work Now, and “Favorite Mexican Regional Song” for the theme bottle after bottle.

Furthermore, the production of Telemundo awarded to Christian Nodal with the award for Extraordinary Evolution. The event on stage at the Michelob ULTRA Arena at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas was attended by more than 30 artists on stage and a large group of presenters who came together to announce the winners.

Nodal won several awards at the LAMAs (Photo: Instagram/@telemundo)
Nodal won several awards at the LAMAs (Photo: Instagram/@telemundo)

The Extraordinary Evolution Award It is given to musical artists whose career achieves rapid success, such is the case of Nodal, whose first song to be known internationally was Goodbye Love in 2016.

Other artists who received recognition for Extraordinary Evolution were Maluma in 2018, Becky G in 2019 and Ozuna in 2021.

Christian Nodal has 23 years old and is considered the leader of a new generation of regional Mexican music. According to EFE, the award is given to a young artist “who reflects change, growth and speed in his career,” the Hispanic network Telemundo, the organizer of the event, stressed on Monday.


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