Do you hate exercise?: 10 scientifically proven tips to motivate you to do physical activity

  • Carol Maher and Ben Singh
  • The Conversation*

image source, Getty Images


Some people experience anxiety at the thought of going to the gym.

We’ve all heard people say that “running makes you high” or “it’s addictive,” but many of us find it hard to love exercise. Some will even say they hate it, that it’s a nightmare, or that just thinking about going to the gym makes them anxious.

Why do some of us hate exercise? And how do you get past that to reap the benefits of getting your body moving?

Humans did not evolve to “exercise”

Throughout most of human history, there was a shortage of food and activity was not a matter of choice. For millennia, humans had to move to find food and, once fed, rested to conserve energybecause they did not know when they would eat again.