Farmacia Benavides is viral by Priscy Escoto and Daniela Rodrice

  • The meeting gave the brand exposure to more than 2,500 people who saw the video of Priscy Escoto and Daniela Rodrice.

  • Both Priscy Escoto and Daniela Rodrice are highly influential personalities on social networks.

  • Priscy Escoto has specialized in fashion and luxury content; while Daniela Rodrice in humor content.

Benavides Pharmacies
has obtained an exposure in networks of more than 2 million 500 thousand reproductions of a video that shows Priscy Scotus Y Daniela Rodricefind yourself in a local of the famous chain.

The material in which we see both influencers run into each other in what appears to be an airport pharmacy, which ended up earning the best mention, without this chain having paid anything to the personalities, on the contrary, they have found each other to buy at the pharmacy .

After publishing the video where Escoto explains to Rodrice that it has been a pleasure to meet her at a pharmacywhile Rodrice covers her face in excitement with a box of Dramamine.

“The very same, the woman of luxuries,” Rodrice blurts out to his content partner.

Among the comments, users have warned that given the humility of both, she was sure that she had made the right people famous.

“The best Benavides pharmacy commercial,” said another follower, while others agreed that both women should record a video together for their YouTube channel.

@priscyescoto I wanted to but I couldn’t 🤌🏻 nice to meet you at the pharmacy #priscyescoto #danielarodice #lachika #pt #fyp #viral #trend ♬ Mar y Tierra – Santa Fe Klan

These types of meetings have become important experiences for brands and measure the capacity of social networks to communicate them
but with the help of narratives, even when it comes to segments as specialized and controlled as pharma.

Pharma brands taking different steps

Pharma brands have taken different steps in their creativity and while some chains like Farmacias Benavides benefit from a viral encounter, other brands like Aspirin collaborate with influencers, so that they can communicate certain actions to consumers in a controlled way.

The way Aspirin decided to communicate with consumers on social networks, with the help of an influencer, it is not wasted, since the brand carried out its PR campaign with the tiktoker doctor michael (who in a video said he had been hired by the brand), so that he could achieve more than a million views of a video where he presented the “smallest medicine cabinet in the world”.

The idea is to promote its well-known pain pills, only that a case has been devised that has gone viral on networks, for being considered the smallest medicine cabinet in the world.

This kit was a campaign that played with design, in order to create a narrative starring one of the most famous products in the world and that in this collaboration with a doctor, who also happens to be an influencer, has concluded in an interesting case of how brands, especially cases as regulated as pharma firms, communicate with consumers.

What makes social networks special?

There is a lot of skepticism about social networks, in fact, we could say that many brands are inflexible to experiment with social network strategies, to find communication guidelines that allow them to become protagonists and stories that alternate with the traditional.

The case of Aspirin is important, because the protagonist of its narrative continued to be Aspirin, the product did not lose consistency, it was not under-represented and no bad brand decisions were made.

All this series of cases are antecedents of how well-constructed products will always maintain the weight with which the consumer is motivated to make purchase decisions on their name, whether a tiktoker like Doctor Miguel promotes Aspirin or the viral encounter between Priscy Scotus Y Daniela Rodrice give an exposure of almost 3 million views on TikTok to Farmacia Benavides.

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