MasterChef Junior 3: Fabio is eliminated, but fans demand Reneé’s departure

Far from what was experienced in tonight’s competition in chapter 9 of the third season of Junior MasterChefin social networks memes exploded against Renee, who has been noted by many fans as the ‘villain of the show’. For many fans of reality show kitchen, the attitude that the little girl has shown on the screen has been described as “unbearable”, in addition to rejecting her behavior with her classmates, which they consider “offensive”. It is for these reasons that social networks are asking for her exit.

In the episode of this April 24, Fabius He was the one eliminated, after he had complications with the preparation of his ice cream, however, the prominence of the night took him Reneewho for many had to have been the participant who left the TV Azteca program.

Memes put Reneé as “the villain” of MasterChef Junior 3, while Fabio is the eliminated of the night

Tonight’s competition kicked off with a theme of mad scientists and experimentation, with contestants receiving a mystery box and two test tubes of secret ingredients. The little aspiring to become the great chef of Mexico, had to prepare an unusual dish in which the flavors were played. However, the attempts were not enough for the judges, they failed to surprise them and only Zoé was able to climb to the balcony.

For the next test, they received as a special guest the host, producer and researcher Sergio Sepúlveda, to motivate them to use all their creativity and prepare delicious crepes, but with the particularity that they had to be very daring and experimental recipes. In addition to the fact that the little ones had to work in pairs and cook samples, they used a double robe, which only allowed each participant to use only one hand.

At this moment began the constant complaints of Renee about the performance of their peers. The little cook was very sure of her preparation, but, in the end, she did not have the approval of the chefs, which caused her to rant against the other dishes. Germán and Naty surprised with their pizza-style crepe and went up to the balcony, as did Javi and Alan.

For the elimination challenge, the little ones had to prepare ice cream, but, using liquid nitrogen. After receiving a masterclass by the ice cream maker Manuel Pelayo, each participant entered the supermarket to look for their ingredients and use their originality to prepare unique flavors.

Fabius had a series of complications with his ice cream, because not knowing in advance that it would be prepared minutes before presenting it to the chefs, he served his ice cream and took it to the freezer, which caused it to freeze and at the time that the judges could taste its preparation, it was already made of stone. Despite the fact that they gave him the opportunity to settle down and thereby soften, in the end his ice cream lacked flavor and for that reason he was eliminated from Junior MasterChef.

However, for many fans, the little one did not deserve to go out and instead, they wanted him to be Renee Whoever came out of the competition, she didn’t do a great job with her ice cream either, but it was good enough to stay in the competition.

Some followers of Junior MasterChef have used social media to express their ‘dislike’ towards Reneewho has become the most controversial participant of the reality show of kitchen. The little girl is the protagonist of several memes, after being involved in a fight with Alan where he called her “rat”, for which her behavior and attitude became regency within the most famous kitchen in Mexico. Some people have even gone for insults, which is worrying as she is just a child.