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  • Let go – May 6

This teenage love story will lead us to follow in the footsteps of Auden and Eli. These two young people suffer from insomnia, which will lead them to wander at night when everyone is asleep while they manage to enjoy their adolescence. A film based on a novel by writer Sarah Dessen.

  • The year of my graduation – May 13

A failed stunt caused him to spend 20 years in a coma. After waking up from this and at 37 years old, her dream of being prom queen lives on and she will fight for it. Starring Rebel Wilson, Zoe Chao and Sam Richardson.

  • Cyberhell The investigation that uncovered the horror – May 18

This film shows us the story of two university students, a group of journalists and two police officers who persecuted the “Nth room”, a criminal network of sexual exploitation through Telegram chat rooms.

  • The Photographer and the Postman – May 19

The Photographer and the Postman will show us the murder of José Luis Cabezas, which was a blow to Argentine society. This murder ended up uncovering a criminal network that went much further than expected, and the consequences of uncovering it were terrible.

  • Like for like -May 19

To win over a major client, an aggressive Los Angeles wine company executive goes to an Australian sheep farm, where she ends up at odds with one of the locals. A romantic comedy not to be missed.

New Netflix series for May

If we already have a great choice of movies for the month of May, Netflix is ​​also preparing a good batch of very interesting series, and where, as we have already told you, two stand out above the others.

  • The Marginal – May 4

Pastor and Diosito will have to face a series of new dangers that will lead them to do everything possible to survive. One ended up in jail, the other out of it. Both will have to deal with the consequences of their actions, and from May 4 we will be able to see the 5th season of this fantastic series.

  • Three Meters Above Heaven: The Series – May 4

The third season of this series is about to start. All the protagonists will advance even further in the process of discovering themselves, and on this path to maturity we will see the arrival of some new faces.

  • The Pentavirate – May 5

What if it turns out that a secret society has been controlling world events after the Black Death of 1347? This series, which premieres its first season, promises comic situations of all kinds.

Swedish series directed by Jonas Akerlund where we will see the bank robber who gave rise to the expression “Stockholm syndrome”. A drama series based on the autobiography of Clark Olofsson.

  • The Sound of Magic – May 6

A heartwarming drama about Yoon Ah-yi, a girl who had to grow up too quickly, and Rieul, a mysterious magician who, despite being an adult, wants to remain a child.

  • Our father – May 11

Jacoba Ballard, conceived by the sperm of an anonymous donor, discovers that she has 7 step-siblings. When the brothers meet and investigate, they will realize a terrible truth: the doctor in charge of the insemination used his own sperm to impregnate all the patients.

  • 42 days in the dark – May 11

On May 11 we will be able to attend the premiere of 42 days in the dark, a series in which we will accompany Cecilia in a race to find her missing sister, Verónica. This career will lead her to go through all kinds of difficulties, and even clashes with the law.

  • Wild Beauty – May 11

A group of children suffered a precipitous death by trying a toxic product. One of them, the only survivor of the group, will begin his path of revenge years later to destroy those responsible.

  • The Lincoln Lawyer – May 13

Although you may not know it from the name of the series, it adapts the character that we already saw on the big screen in the fantastic movie “The Innocent”. Mickey Haller is a lawyer who practices in the backseat of his Lincoln, and is based on the book The Verdict.

  • The empire of ostentation – May 13

Series that premieres its second season and that shows us the lives of several very famous and rich young Asians who live in Los Angeles. In this series we will see all kinds of situations, and this new season even advances the odd romance.

  • A Vampire in the Garden – May 16

The first animated series that Netflix premieres during this month of May. Centered on the meeting between a human and the vampire queen, a meeting that can change the whole world. From the hand of WIT STUDIO.

  • The Diary of the Future – May 17

On May 17, the second season of “The Future Diary” will premiere, which this time will focus above all on the love triangle formed by the protagonists, who will also be exposed to a series of cruel tests.

  • Love, Death and Robots – May 20

The third volume of this acclaimed series finally arrives. Their new episodes will no longer be interconnected with each other, and will show all kinds of situations to surprise us once again.

  • Ghost in the Shell (SAC_2045) – May 23

The second season of this series will place us right where its first season left off, and will feature a completely computer-generated animation style, as well as a story that promises to keep us glued to the screen.

  • Food for Phil – May 25

The creator of Everybody Loves Raymond, Phil Rosenthal, travels the world to enjoy the culture and cuisine of each place. In this season, the 5th already, it will visit places like Madrid, Helsinki or Oaxaca.

  • Stranger Things Part 4 – May 27

The main dish of the month. With the first volume of this season we are already reaching the end of the story of these teenagers who find themselves surrounded by a supernatural struggle that can take their lives. The second (and final) part will be released in July.