My parents raised me and took care of my money: Daniela Luján

Daniela Lujan She is currently 34 years old but she became an actress since she was five, when she began to make appearances in formats such as “Sesame Street” in the early 90s. From there she was linked to children’s soap operas in which she was the protagonist and remains active to this day. in theater and television.

She is just one of the many, many actors who began their careers from a very early age, and she is also one of the actresses who say they have enjoyed the medium a lot since they were little, unlike Allison Lozz, former actress and child protagonist of soap operas like “Alegrijes and rebujos” who made a video explaining the hell she experienced as a girl in that environment: very low wages, little rest, overwork, yelling and mistreatment within the productions, as well as the need to support her entire family.

Daniela Luján says that she never had a bad experience during her childhood, but most importantly: she never felt exploited by her parents, in fact, they kept her money.

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“Look, my experience was very different, starting because my parents didn’t want me to be actressthey had a certain distrust of the medium and they were very cautious, obviously out of fear because no one in my family is dedicated to acting, they were very cautious in that aspect, they took great care of me because they never liked being famous and, despite the fact that they did not know nothing in the middle, I think they did not negotiate anything bad” he recently talked.

In 1996, Luján made his debut as a leading man in “Clear Light” telenovela produced by MaPat López de Zatarain and remake of “Chispita”. There she shared credit with Ximena Sariñana, who played a small villain.

Within the framework of this telenovela he also made his first album, “La luz más clarita”. In 1998 she made the movie “My little angel”, she went to Puerto Rico to make a miniseries called “After Goodbye” and in 1998 he starred in “El Diario de Daniela”, together with Martín Ricca.

Something that makes him very proud is the ability of his parents to negotiate their contracts, but also the vision of taking care of his money, her pay for being an actress. “They always kept my money, they never exploited me. I made dumbbells with my dad and I told him, can I afford a house? So I went on tour, I was complicit with him and when we came back we already had the house, it was a surprise for my mom.

After “El Diario de Daniela” he made the twins Silvana and Mariana in the telenovela “Cómplices al rescue”, after Belinda left the production.

Since then he has not stopped working, he is part of the successful comedy series “A family of ten” and in July a spin off of this series will be released starring her and Ricardo Margaleff, entitled “Do you believe?”.

Regarding these experiences as an actress, her journey and future plans, Daniela Luján shares the lessons that this career has taught her.

“I think the lesson is to be faithful and loyal to your dreams, having a dream is a great commitment and responsibility, then things happen and you can get lost along the way, you can abandon it, you have to know what is the background of your realization, of what you can share, especially if you are going to dedicate yourself to a creative world”.

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What did Allison Lozz say?

Through a video, Allison said that her facet as an actress, being very young, had been terrible, that’s why she had withdrawn from the middle.

“I suffered a lot of yelling, mistreatment. People were very cruel. The novel I enjoyed least was “In the name of love” and the one I enjoyed the most was “To hell with the handsome”, the production was very noble, the actors saw me as a little sister, they tried to be aware of me, that was the only production that cared about my well-being, they stopped the production to go with my psychologist, “he said.

For all this, he asked his followers that they no longer ask for photos of her past as an actress and that they help her leave all that in the past.