Robin Hood steals the heart of a Mexican

The legend of Robin Hoodthe thief who with his band of outlaws robbed the rich to give money to the poor, is prepared by the Mexican filmmaker Carlos Lopez Estrada and studies Disney for your streaming platform.

Since 2010, when Disney decided to return to one of its animated classics, Alice in Wonderland, for a live action version, this studio has made various remakes of films such as Aladdin, The Lion King and Beauty and the Beast.

The director of Raya and the Last Dragon, a film that competed last month for the Oscar in the Animated Feature Film category, will be the first Mexican to direct one of these live-action projects, which has real actors and CGI.

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“I grew up specifically with the Disney version (of Robin Hood) and it was one of my favorite movies, although the development is still very early, but it is a super dream come true for me, “he said in an interview.

Robin Hood, a story that in the audiovisual world registers more than 30 productions in the last 80 years, was adapted in 1973 by the producer of Mickey Mouse, having animals as protagonists, its protagonist being a fox.

In April 2020, when the pandemic began to hit the northern hemisphere of America, it was announced that the script for the new adventure would be Kari Granlund, responsible for Lady and the Tramp in live action, while in production Justin Springer, who was behind Dumbo and Tron legacy. The decision of the studios to give this responsibility to the Mexican can have an explanation if López Estrada’s work is seen as a whole.

His beginnings in the independent circle allowed him to do whatever he wanted, such as the short film Kangaroo Court, whose protagonists were humanized animals, something that Disney has always exploited. And in Blind Point, his debut feature, it was structured, according to López Estrada, as a musical, a genre that the American company almost always mixes in its productions.

The Robin Hood of almost half a century ago, in fact, has several themes that are performed by the heroes, such as “Love”, Oscar nominated as original song.

Shortly before the last delivery of the statuette, the Mexican tried to assimilate why Disney had hired him to make Raya and the last dragon.

“I think Blind Spot was a movie that obviously has nothing to do with Disney, but it was structured very much like a musical, I tried to give meaning to all the images and my work with music videos, in the audiovisual I think it has concepts that are they translate very well when you turn them into animated language. I think that called them to consider me, “he told EL UNIVERSAL.

Four years ago, the variety Magazine, one of the most influential in the cinematographic world, considered López Estrada as one of the 10 directors to follow in the future. And three years ago, he was nominated for a Director’s Guild of America Award for Blind Spot.

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With Disney, he went from having a small team to managing an army of more than 500 people, something that did not intimidate the Mexican either.

“The challenges are similar no matter how much money you have, because you also have a resource limit. Yes, there is support in marketing and in everything, the truth has been a bit like adapting and learning to work with these production sizes, but when making a small, large or medium-sized film you face the same challenges, with the performances of the characters and how they hit the audience”, he considered an express question.

The proposal of Lopez Estrada will populate the universe that includes, among others, The Adventures of Robin Hood, from 1938, as well as Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves and Robin Hood, from 1991 and 2010, with Kevin Costner and Russell Crowe.

In the 80s there was the animated series Meteor Robin Hood, where the characters had space adventures, with arrows made of lightning.

A fox is the protagonist of the film, in the role of Robin Hood.

The protagonist’s love interest is the sweet Lady Marian

Prince John, a greedy lion, is the antagonist.

The Sheriff of Nottingham, a wolf who has the town subdued.

Carlos Lopez Estrada

My audiovisual work has concepts that translate very well when you put them into animated language. I think that called them to consider me.”

millions of dollars

got the original animated film, which cost $5 million.