‘The Batman’: 10 behind-the-scenes images with Robert Pattinson and Paul Dano

The tape of ‘The Batman’ managed to break with those comments that speculated on whether Robert Pattinson could with the role, exceeding all expectations and with the news that the sequel will continue with him as the protagonist.

From the hand of Paul Dano, Pattinson made a successful dumbbell, managing to capture all the attention of the public who showed The Batman, the interpreter of riddlersaid on occasion “not having slept several nights while bringing his character to life.”

Even the director, Matt Reeves explained that, to create this character, he was inspired by the Zodiac Killer. While the villain is fighting the insecurity and corruption of the city Gotham‘The Knight of the Night’ will try to stop and capture him through clues, which he himself leaves behind.

And to remember some scenes, in addition to making it clear the good relationship and dumbbell that was created between the two actors. Here we share 10 behind-the-scenes images with Robert Pattinson Y Paul Dano.

Paul Dano and his Riddle

A character that enchanted all fans of the film, the actor himself explained that “it took him a lot of work to do it”, because the challenge was to play a villain very different from the funny Riddle that everyone was used to seeing, for several years. And boy, did I achieve it! Many even cataloged him as ‘a villain of fear and terrorist’.

an inappropriate weight

Although Robert Pattinson he was seen more stocky and with greater weight, unlike other films in which he participated. Matt Reeves He confessed that he was worried about his size, because during the time of confinement that the filming stopped, he did not exercise. Even his stunt doubles were heavier, but despite that, the stunt performer batman was applied and we all noticed the difference.

a unique mask

Unlike other costumes and the actors who wore the costume, as well as the Batman mask, Reeves decided to add a unique touch by putting eyeliner on Pattinson’s face.to further hide the identity of BruceWayne, in this way it gave a dark appearance and it was more difficult to recognize who was under it. Here we share a photo with more light of the outfit so that you can appreciate it better, since in the film you didn’t even see the color, by the way, do you see it gray or black?

A luxury production

batman made a total expenditure of 200 million dollars, according to Variety. the manager only it had half that amount when it started production in early 2020. But due to the coronavirus pandemic, spending clearly had to be increased. And while we generally loved all of the scenery, one of our favorite parts was the chaos that the villain causes, when he floods everything Gotham, and the vigilante must save people.

dark scenes

Although it is well known that batman It is characterized by showing larger scenes with low light, many critics on social networks said, as they claimed “that it made me sleepy at some point in the film”, others only thought that “It was to protect the actor, for not reaching the ideal weight for the character.” Here’s a sample behind the scenes of what we mentioned.

batman fighting crime

Robert confessed for an interview on one occasion, that “there was great danger for a character like Batman in that sense, but he liked taking on a lot of responsibilities; he is a one-man army against all crime,” he said.

deciphering clues

One of the favorite parts of the viewers was when the Riddler left clues to find his whereabouts, remember that his riddles were especially dedicated to The Dark Knight, who made a great team with Detective James Gordon (Jeffrey Wright).

An iconic batmobile

The vigilante car is something that will never stop being seen, what is true is that, as well as the characters, scenes, part of the plot and even the costume are evolving, so is the so-called batmobile. From its sound when turning it on, accelerating it and its lights complement it, thus being in some way “the noble corsel” of Batman. Here we also see the car behind the scenes.

The Riddler and Bruce Wayne

Do you remember the scene where the villain shows the parents of BruceWayne and its alleged corruptions? The Riddler makes go to Batman to an abandoned house, with people living on the streets and James Gordon accompanies him. Do you remember her?

Safeguarding the evidence

And since he Riddle left some very original clues and even wrote colored letters to batman, he, in the company of the detective, kept them, to put together a hypothesis about the villain’s next victim. Do you remember the scene in which they use part of a finger to unlock access to a computer?