“The Crusade”: the new Disney + original fantasy reality show

Pack your things (don’t forget the sword ⚔️) because we’re going to Everalm. Eight teenagers cross over into fantasy to participate in a unique competition. (DisneyPlus)

Disney+ continues to renew itself with quality original content designed for children and young people. On this occasion it will add to its catalog, from May 11, 2022, The crusade, an epic adventure that follows eight teenagers who leave reality to embark on a journey to everealm and complete a series of crusades to save the Realm from Evil.

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From the award-winning filmmakers behind The Lord of the ringsit’s great competition that combines reality and fantasy takes place in an incredible fictional world created especially for this series. Arguably a groundbreaking immersive series in which eight teenagers, who call themselves The Paladinsleave reality for a journey into the fantasy world of Everealm, where they must save the Kingdom by helping to fulfill an ancient prophecy.

“The Crusade”, an immersive story never seen before. (Disney+)

The series will tell eight episodes in which you will see these heroes immersed in a fantasy world come true; with its own castle, royalty and all sorts of mystical creatures, as well as a sorceress whose sole purpose is to destroy everything and stay in power.

jane fleming Y Mark Ordsky, executive producers of the series expressed: “We are doing something magical that no one has ever done before at this level. We’re bringing real people into a completely fantastical world, conceived and built by amazing artists in all areas. It’s an immersive journey with real-life heroes embodied by these eight normal teenagers who transform before our eyes. It’s a very novel and interesting way of telling a story.”

The producers of "La carrera asombroza" Y "The Lord of the rings" come together to reimagine a competition series.  (Disney+)
The producers of “The Amazing Race” and “The Lord of the Rings” team up to reimagine a competition series. (Disney+)

On the other hand, elise doganeri Y Bertram van Munsteralso producers of the series, said: “It is a totally disruptive and innovative genre in which we take a group of teenagers to a real competition, but in a completely fantasy world, built on scripted mythology and with components of mystery and adventure. contributed by actors, which makes it a totally immersive experience”.

To end, michael williams Y rob eric, executive producers for Scout Productions, commented, “We put a special focus on the aesthetics of the show, from production design to costumes, to make everything feel authentic. We wanted both our Paladins and our audience to feel immersed in the epic world we created.”

"The crusade" it is a universe outside of this realm, testing mind, body and soul.  (Disney+)
“The Crusade” is a universe outside of this realm, testing mind, body and soul. (Disney+)

The crusade is a production of Court Five, New Media Collective and Scout Production Inc. For Court Five, the executive producers are jane fleming Y Mark Ordsky (The Lord of the rings). Bertram van Munster, elise doganeri Y Mark Dziak (La carrera asombroza) are executive produced by New Media Collective, while executive produced by Scout Production Inc. is handled by rob eric, michael williams Y David Collins (queer eye).


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