The Montaner family grows, now Mau and Sara Escobar announced the expectation of their baby

Mau Montaner and Sara Escobar expect their first child

The famous Montaner family continues to growand after that at the beginning of this month of April Evaluna Montaner and Camilo will welcome you to little IndigoNow another member of the “dynasty” shared good news in the same vein.

Has been Mau Montaner who in a joint publication with his wife Sara Escobar on Instagram They announced that they are expecting their first child and even revealed the name and with it the gender of the baby.

The famous shared with their followers multiple photographs of the development of the pregnancy (Photo: Screenshot)

With a clip shared on their social networks, the 28-year-old singer and the Colombian model broke the news to their followers by showing an animation of instant photos on slow motion where you can see aspects of Sara’s pregnancy, her already noticeable baby bump and even the ultrasound of the child they will call Apollo.

The images also show the couple very much in love, dad-to-be kissing his wife’s belly and even food, like ice creama picture that could allude to the famous cravings of pregnant women.

The announcement of what will be Ricardo Montaner’s sixth grandson arrives after almost four years of marriage for the couple who joined on the beaches of Tulum, Quintana Roo and then traveled to Tokyo for their honeymoon and has taken fans of the popular family by surprise.

As expected, the good wishes and congratulations celebrating the news have flooded the feed of both celebrities, and at the moment the publication has more than 333 thousand likes and almost 6 thousand comments.

The reactions of famous friends like J. P. Saxea close friend of the family, have made it clear that little Apolo will be awaited with love: “Apolo, I Love You!” the musician wrote. Sebas Villalobos scored “I die of love”, while Manuela Echevarry wrote “Apollo, we are waiting for you”. For your part Paul from Floor 21showed his emotion “Esoooo, Apolo is going to be Bruno’s corduroy, I congratulate you and send you a giant hug”.

Mau Montaner and Sara Escobar married in Mexico in February 2018 (Photo: Instagram)
Mau Montaner and Sara Escobar married in Mexico in February 2018 (Photo: Instagram)

At the moment, two members of the famous family have expressed their feelings. Evaluna Montaner celebrated excitedly that her little Indigo will have a little cousin the same age. And on the other hand, marlene rodriguezmother of the future father, expressed: “My children, what happiness! I love all three of you immensely. God is always good!”.

just a few days ago, Mau Montaner declared to be very happy and excited with the arrival of his niece Indigoand in his statement he hinted that he already knew the news of his own paternity, which was surprisingly revealed on the night of this Sunday, April 24.

“We are very happy with our niece, the truth is that it has been a wonderful family time and very soon if God willing, I think me sooner than Ricky (we will be dads too), but we are very excited (for the birth of Indigo),” Mau told The universal.

Mau recently said he was very happy for the arrival of his niece Indigo (Photo: Instagram)
Mau recently said he was very happy for the arrival of his niece Indigo (Photo: Instagram)

The couple made up of the Venezuelan and the Colombian has established itself as one of the most romantic in the Latin music scenebecause both have dedicated emotional words to each other and every time they have the opportunity, they highlight their mutual compliments and point out their closeness to God.

“Eight years ago we met, three years ago we got married and this gets better every day. I feel loved every day of my life. I love every bit of you, the ones I knew from the first year and the ones I keep discovering every day. Let’s go for a thousand more years and a lot of children. Happy anniversary, ”the 31-year-old wrote on her Instagram account in February 2021. For her part, Mau reciprocated as follows:“ Three years ago I married the woman of my life. The most beautiful Paisa that exists. I dont believe it. God chose me, What?!!!”.

At the beginning of this 2022, the Montaner family had already added one more member: Ricky Montaner married Stefi Roitman in Argentina.


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