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After ‘The Witch’ or ‘The Lighthouse’, Rogert Ebberts dares with Icelandic mythology and tells the story of a Nordic prince. Now in theaters.

Björk, the well-known Icelandic singer, did not have -and does not have- any special interest in returning to the cinema. After her experience with Lars Von Trier in Dancing in the Dark (2000) left somewhat disenchanted with acting and decided to devote herself 100% to music, which has always given her more joy. However, when her friend Sjón signed the script for the new Robert Eggers movie, the north man, she agreed to participate in the tape. In addition, the filming took place in her native country, Iceland, so they made it very easy for her.

She had to give life to a curious character, the Fortune Teller, and to shape her they resorted to a mixture of historical data and the contributions that she herself proposed to the creators. The artist suggested appearing with her eyes covered and having a third eye. “Her presence did inspire me and the designer to create a wild wardrobe. I have to admit that what she wears may be the most speculative thing about the film, but each piece is grounded in research and mythology”Eggers specified as collected SensaCine Mexico.

The filmmaker did extensive research on the 10th-century Vikings in Iceland to make his film as authentic as possible. Starting with its protagonist, Alexander Skarsgård, who underwent intense physical and mental preparation, and continuing with the ships, the weapons, the costumes and anything else that appears on screen. Everything is studied so that no historian catches them off guard.

To accede to Björk’s request and to be able to cover her face, the designers resorted to some cowrie shells, which fit historically because they were found in “regions of ancient Ukraine”. These adornments were used by women in the region we know today as Ukraine, so they could be incorporated into the film’s wardrobe to give the Oracle a striking aesthetic, a character who appears for a short time and, for that reason, must leave. imprint immediately.

Reimagining Norse Myths and Legends: ‘The Man from the North’, an authentic Viking film that has taken more than 10 years to make

It is not surprising that this was precisely Björk’s request, since throughout her career she has pulled on masks to take care of her style. The artist usually goes on stage with striking and eccentric costumes, within which these types of decorative elements fit. On her return to the cinema at the hands of Robert Eggers, she has preferred to hide her face, probably to feel more comfortable in her role as the Oracle who guides Amleth, the protagonist, of the film, on his path of revenge for the death of his father.

the north man tells the story of Amleth, a Norse prince (Alexander Skarsgard) who at the age of 10 witnesses the murder of his father at the hands of his uncle, who usurps the throne. Two decades later, the protagonist has become a warrior who, after meeting him with a seer, decides Go on your revenge mission and avenge your father’s death and your mother’s kidnapping. In addition to Skarsgård and Björk, the north man It has in its cast with Anya Taylor-Joy, Ethan Hawke and Nicole Kidman.

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