What is Tokyvideo and how does it work: Spanish YouTube with series and movies | Entertainment

A few months ago, Google presented the 2021 Trends, the most searched terms of the year in its search engine. In the Entertainment section, the most desired was not Netflix, YouTube, The Squid Game or the Island of Temptations. The most searched was a word unknown to many: tokyvideo.

Tokyvideo is a video-based entertainment platform. An alternative to YouTube, if you will, developed in Spain.

It has become very popular because videos that are trending are uploaded, mainly sports, video games and gossip. Also has own content and certain sections, such as Turkish soap operas, have attracted a loyal following.

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If you have never used tokyvideoor want to know more about it, we are going to show you what it is, how it works, and how you can upload our own videos and share them.

It is a very easy-to-use platform, with a clean and pleasant design, with good video performance, although with an improvable definition, and with too many advertisements.

All about Tokyvideo

What is Tokyvideo?

Tokyvideo is a free streaming entertainment platform, created in Spain.

Here you will find thousands of videos of all kindsboth uploaded by the platform’s own employees, through different channels, and by the users themselves.

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Among the content you will find fragments of television programs, series and movies, video game trailers and streaming, amateur videos, interviews, sports, and much more.

Users, in addition to viewing the videos themselves, can follow authors, create favorite lists, or upload your own videos.

Who is behind Tokyvideo?

Tokyvideo is a platform developed by Techpump, a company from Gijón specialized in web development.

He has different businesses and content going, from the Siroko sports fashion store, to several well-known porn websites.

Of course, it keeps its platforms completely independent: Tokyvideo is a website for all audiences.

They have also invested in startups like Cabify, mailtrack, Gomapi, and others.

How to use Tokyvideo

Can be accessed tokyvideo through its main website. There is currently no mobile app.

The first thing that appears on the cover is videos with the latest trends:

On the top bar, from left to right, are the three vertical stripes with the menu, the search engine, and the Login which allows you to upload videos, if you have an account.

As you can see, it’s a simple and very clean interface, where no one will get lost, as happens on other platforms with dozens of options, many of them confusing or duplicated.

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video playback

If you click on any of the videos, it will open the playback window.

It is quite similar to YouTube, but simpler. This is where the advertising is most evident:

The first thing that stands out is that the player has no quality options. That is, you cannot choose different resolutions. The videos look acceptably good, but the bitrate is not very high, and it does not seem that they reach 1080p, or there they stay.

The only options that appear are cinema mode and PiP, to continue watching the minimized video, while you do other things.

At the bottom of the player, from left to right you can follow the channel to which the video belongs, add it to your favorites listgive it a positive or negative vote, and share it via Facebook, Twitter, or Discord. You can also share the link, or insert the video into a forum or a website.

On the right side we will see a column with related videos.

Series and Categories

If you want to access the Tokyvideo catalog, you need to tap on the three vertical stripes on the top bar.

will appear a column on the left side of the screenwith very interesting options:

Here you can change the language, to choose between English, Spanish, Italian and French.

In this menu we find the category setswhich contains channels of its own content: trends, sports, music, video games, humour, etc.

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This content has been uploaded by the creators of the platform, mainly trailers, current videos, fragments of TV shows, etc.

The section of Categories gives access to dozens of different categories: Fashion, babies, cycling, fishing, children, live concerts, or specific video games such as FIFA, Zelda, GTA, and much more.

Tokyvideo Originals

The platform has started to include own content.

His first creation is called talksAnd it is an interview and debate program that deals with quite controversial topics, such as prostitution, abortion, racism, etc.

An interesting idea that gives a voice to people who normally do not have it on traditional television channels.

There is more own content, for example Out of homewith interviews with celebrities who live outside of Spain, but it seems that it did not work because there is only one chapter.

Advantages of creating an account

if you believe a free account you can do additional things, which help you personalize the experience.

The most important option is you can upload your own videos. Also create favorite lists, save videos to watch later, follow usersor comment and rate the videos.

To create an account, just tap on the button Sign up free, What’s in the side menu.

You can use a Facebook or Gmail account to sign up. Or create your account manually.

you just need an email address, and enter the population in which you live. Of course, you will also have to choose a username and password. Finally, you select three channels to follow.

The User Control Panel, which is accessed by touching the profile icon, is very complete:

You can upload a photo to your profile, add the date of birth and the type of notifications you want to receive via email.

The side menu now has more options:

From My user you have access to your library of uploaded videosthose that you have pending to upload, and the users that follow you.

From My Subscriptions you agree to the list of users you followand the channels you have subscribed to.

In favorites You can find the videos that you added to this category when viewing them, in case you want to see them more times.

In watch latervideos that you save to watch later, but don’t have a favorites category.

Upload a video

The last option left to us is upload your own videos to the platform. This is done from the red button Upload videos What’s on the top bar.

The process is very simple. You just have to drag it to the central window or select it from the File Explorer, and put a title and a description. You must choose the cover thumbnail among the ones it creates automatically, or upload the cover you want.

By last, between 1 and 3 categories where you want it to appear.

It also allows you to create your own series of videos, and link them to each other so that they appear in a row.

As you see tokyvideo It is an entertainment platform with interesting content, and very easy to use.

If you want to try, from here you can access Tokyvideo.