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Not everyone was prepared at the time for the terrifying experience of Paul WS Anderson’s ‘Final Horizon’. But time has put in its place this recommendable jewel that you can see on the Amazon platform.

Few studios were as overwhelmed as Paramount to get their hands on a film like Final Horizon, which they hoped would have their own more grown-up space adventure in contrast to Star Trek, and watched in test screenings as audiences were appalled at what he had seen. Paul WS Anderson had created a blood-curdling space experience, more violent even than Alien, the eighth passenger, and audiences weren’t quite ready for it. Not even limiting the harshest images did they achieve something that was going to be easily accepted.

But Anderson was calm, even if the commercial hiccup might hamper his career, as he felt he had something to brag about. He showed the film to Kurt Russell, with whom he was in talks for a joint project at the time, and the actor told him that “it doesn’t matter what people think about the film now, because 15 years from now you’re going to be proud to have made it.” done”. He was not wrong. 25 years later, the film is already appreciated as a cult classic.

The investment was huge at the time, with a budget of 60 million for an original story at the hands of a still young director. But Anderson was coming off the success of Mortal Kombat, and he was clear on what he wanted to do with this movie: a haunted house in space. end horizon transports us to the year 2047, where a rescue vehicle reaches a missing ship that had left no trace in its wake.

The crew, made up of the recognizable faces of Laurence Fishburne, Sam Neill, Kathleen Quinlan or Jason Isaacs, enter the mysterious ship to find out what has happened. And what they find is beyond anything their scientific minds, or even their most depraved imaginations, could conceive. Anderson creates an exercise in overwhelming suspense and tension, with a unique atmosphere that the filmmaker attributes to the influence of creepy movies like The Haunted Mansion and The Shining.

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The influences do not stay in the phantasmagoric. Anderson takes details of gothic horror and cyberpunk, which together with his tendencies towards bloody gore gives a particular aesthetic to a film that is a glimpse into the abyss of madness. The journey of the characters is one of absolute moral decadence, throwing themselves into the arms of dementia and chaos as the only response to an incomprehensible threat.

A whole trip to hell, but made in the immensity of outer space, where no one can hear your screams. A totally ambitious work by Anderson that was not met with immediate applause. Her collection of 42 million was well below her budget, but the cult generated in the communities most fond of genre cinema has crowned her as a classic. Her influence can be felt far beyond the cinema, with video games like Dead Space clearly drinking from her ideas and her aesthetics. A jewel to claim.

Final Horizon is available on Amazon Prime Video.

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