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‘365 DNI’ caused a stir at the time of its premiere and now the story continues with ‘That day’. We collect everything you need to know about the film by Michele Morrone and Anna-Maria Sieklucka.

the premiere of 365 DNI 2 It is just around the corner. The fans who got hooked on the story of Massimo and Laura with 365 days will be able to enjoy more sex and problems in its second part, which is officially titled 365 days: That day. The erotic film premieres on Netflix this April 27 and will be available from early in the morning.

Directed by Barbara Białowąs and Tomasz Mandes, the film is based on the trilogy written by Blanka Lipińska and was one of the great successes of 2020. Seeing the reception the film received, Netflix decided to secure its future and confirmed that there would be two more sequels. He did it despite the enormous controversy that the first installment caused due to its not at all delicate central theme. With the second part they wanted to be more careful and Netflix has taken creative control.

The issue here is that 365 days It is not a Netflix original production, but rather a film they bought after seeing the great reception at its premiere in Poland. The company did not have any control over the first part because they did not produce it, but that changes in the sequel. Now that it is one of its sagas, the streaming platform has been able to get a hold of what happens on the tape and thus try to avoid further disappointment.

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At least that’s what it advertised dead line after the announcement of the sequels. Said medium indicated that it was expected to have “a more cautious approach to some of the first film’s more controversial issues”. It is enough to read what the tape is about to realize that it is not politically correct no matter where you look at it. It tells the story of Laura, a woman who is kidnapped by an Italian mobster who forces her to fall in love with him and gives her a year deadline.

“I trust the audience knows that the movie is fantasy. Sometimes you watch movies and you cheer for the bad guy, but you still know he’s the villain and he’s doing bad things and of course this behavior is completely unacceptable in life.” real”, replied the leading actor, Michele Morrone to the critics. His co-star, Anna Maria Sieklucka, also spoke about it. “I understand the controversy and I’m glad we’re talking about it. […] This film is not intended to minimize the reality of sexual violence in the world. I don’t want people to think this behavior is okay. It’s not. I think it’s good that movies provoke people to talk about these issues so that we can create more attention to them in our society.”

Put aside the books to avoid controversy

One of the consequences of this change of direction to soften the story is that it will no longer faithfully follow the events of Lipinska’s literary saga.. Of course, she will continue to be involved in the project. “We worked closely with Blanka Lipinska to continue Laura and Massimo’s story on screen. Their journey together is full of twists and turns as the characters continue to grow and learn more about themselves,” said Łukasz Kluskiewicz, head of acquisitions at Netflix. in Poland.

The author, for her part, has been delighted that the company continues betting on her, despite the changes. “I am so honored that the remaining two parts of my 3 trilogy are brought to life on screen thanks to Netflix. I am very excited to show fans of my novels this new look at the characters and continue the story of Laura and Massimo.“.

As of April 27, it will be possible to check if 365 days: That day has lowered the level a little, since that is when it premieres on Netflix.

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