Alejandra Guzmán did disinherit Frida Sofía, we have the audios!

Although the war of declarations between Alexandra Guzman, 54 years old, and her daughter frida sofia30, apparently ceased for a few months, in reality the situation is getting worse and worse and we found out that theThe rocker has already taken part of her inheritance from her daughter.

Some audio came to our newsrooms where you hear the singer say what she will do changes in his will to leave everything to his nephew, youngest son of his brother Luis Enrique, 52, and who will no longer see his daughter; In addition, some documents show that Alejandra sold an apartment in Miami that she had bought in partnership with Frida Sofía.

We talked with a friend of the family and he told us that La Guzmán had already been thinking about disinheriting her only daughter for some time, and that The first step was to sell the apartment behind the girl’s back.

-How are things between Alejandra and Frida?
“Their relationship is totally fractured. They have been estranged for three years due to various problems, but everything was definitively destroyed in April of last year when Frida accused her grandfather Enrique Guzmán of having touched her inappropriately when she was a child, and Alejandra sided with her. the. After that, they don’t even speak to each other anymore and everything has gone from bad to worse.”

-We remember that as a result of that there was talk that Alejandra planned to negotiate with Frida so that she would retract, and that she would use her inheritance as a bargaining chip…
“Well, from what I know, for two years I was already thinking about disinheriting her because of the problems they had had until then, but after the accusations against her father, she was already encouraged.”

-We got to the Newsroom, an exclusive audio in which Alejandra talks about changing her will, do you know anything about it?
“Who knows when that audio is from, but it is true that Ale wants to change his will to leave everything to his nephew, the youngest son of his brother Luis Enrique, he will surely do it when we least expect it; however, he has already taken the first step to disinherit Frida with the sale of a property they had in common.”

-We also received some documents that he sold a property, do you mean that?
“Yes, but there is a whole story behind it. In 2018, the two created a company called A&F Empire, in which each was a fifty percent shareholder; With this they bought three apartments in Miami that are in the same building.”

How did they occupy those apartments?
“Two cost eleven million pesos: one was kept by Frida and it is where she lives; the other is from Alejandra, where she stays when she goes there; and the third, of eight million, was in the name of the two and they rented it for a while”.

-Why did they do this?
“Because of Frida’s immigration status, since showing herself as an investor could help her a lot to have her residence papers in the United States.”

-And Frida did invest?
“Of course, although Alejandra put up most of the capital, Frida contributed what she could, she gave her mother the money she has earned from posing in Playboy and as a fitness coach; moreover, she took it upon herself to make arrangements for them.”

-What happened after?
“At the time, Alejandra did it as a gesture of love and saw it as part of the inheritance that she was going to leave to Frida, who was very grateful.”

Alejandra will leave Frida out of her will

And then his problems began..
“That’s right, and that was when Alejandra began to think about disinheriting her; I know that for two years, she has repeated endlessly to her people that she wanted to take her apartment out of society and put the one that belonged to both in her name, to sell them and leave Frida without that part of the inheritance.

– Did you put that department in your name?
“No, he never did, but he still sold it without consulting Frida. In December the sale was finalized and a Russian man bought it for eight million pesos.”

-But if they were partners, didn’t he need Frida’s consent to sell it?

“Of course, Alejandra could not sell that apartment without Frida’s signature, because she owned half of it, but who knows how she did the transaction and managed to sell it without her daughter knowing, at least at that time.”

-So, does Frida already know about this?
“She just found out a few days ago from a person close to her mother; It was a very strong blow for her. She already had a bad opinion of her mom, but she never believed that she could do that behind her back. She is disappointed and angry, she thinks that with this there is no longer any link between them and now she does not want to hear from her anymore”.

Alejandra Guzmán new controversy

-Do you think Frida is going to sue her?
“I had not contemplated it, since she does not need her mother, because she makes a living on her own, she has a company that buys and sells products; however, the truth is that she is analyzing it, because her mother went too far and her lawyers have told her that she has enough elements to win; at any moment she will make that decision.”

-On the other hand, we found out that Alejandra sued her accountant, Rafael Sosa…
“Yes, that was in January of this year in the Miami court; he accuses it of malpractice and negligence, but it is somewhat absurd”.

-Because what you say?
“He was their accountant in 2018 when they bought the apartments and he took their statements, but as a result of Alejandra selling the apartment behind Frida, he wants to protect himself.”

“He wants to accuse him of doing things wrong by putting Frida as a 50% shareholder, but it would be impossible, because Ale had to go to the notary’s office and sign; there are many witnesses and even the company has the initials of both”.

Alejandra sold the apartment without Frida

Did the accountant say something?
“Do not; he is very scared, but there is actually no record of him doing anything wrong.”

-The people of Alejandra, do you say anything about it?
“Her representative, Maurice Keizer, says that when they bought that apartment, they agreed with Frida to sign in Alejandra’s name, but it’s not true.”

Alejandra Guzmán does not want to know about Frida

-Hey, and how is Frida doing with her legal problems?
“On April 18 and 20, he was going to have two hearings: one for an alleged assault on a neighbor in 2019, and another for his arrest last January in a bar, but they were postponed until July,” he concluded.

Alejandra Guzman