Angela Aguilar’s double found in a US school

Recently, they have found a “double” of the famous Mexican singer Ángela Aguilar in a US school, a story that quickly went viral on various social networks and on the internet.

There is no doubt that Ángela Aguilar is one of the most successful singers of the regional mexican and it is for this reason that everything related to his person attracts attention.

As you may remember, a few days ago the singer Ángela Aguilar showed her face at a New York airport, as she expressed her feelings regarding the photographs in which she is seen in full romance with the composer Gussy Lau.

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And despite the fact that at the time she was affected and embarrassed by the diffusion of the photographs corresponding to her private life, the artist reappeared stronger and ready to turn the page.

The interpreter “Tell me how you want” told a reporter from the program “El Gordo y la Flaca” that she does not feel angry about what happened, although she prefers to focus on her music.

On the other hand, in the midst of this controversy, a recording emerged, in which a young woman extremely similar to the famous one appeared.

In fact, this video was taken at a school in the United States and quickly caught everyone’s attention.

And although the location of the educational facility where the recording was made is unknown, this took netizens by surprise because it is undeniable that the protagonist of the audiovisual resembles the daughter of Pepe Aguilar.

It should be noted that the recording of less than 10 seconds was shared a few days ago by the TikTok user Luciano Armenta Petruzzelli and has more than 29 million views.

There appears a young businesswoman extremely similar to Ángela Aguilar, even both share the same haircut and thin body structure.

However, the protagonist of this story looked embarrassed, since she was surprised by one of her classmates in the middle of class and only chose to cover her eyes from the camera.

Plebes, you are not going to believe me, ”said the small text in reference to the alleged identity of Pepe Aguilar’s daughter.

However, so far it seems that everything was a joke, since Ángela Aguilar has not said anything about it.

However, some of her fans do not rule out that it is her because she is currently in her last year of high school at an institution located in California, United States.

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