As Netflix suffers, a controversial Blockbuster tweet goes viral

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Netflix revolutionized the way in which the population consumes entertainment from their homes, as it is responsible for the rise of streaming services. Perhaps indirectly, he was also the one who caused the disappearance of Blockbuster and other chains specializing in the sale and rental of movies, series, documentaries, etc. However, life takes many turns.

Although Netflix remains a giant in the entertainment industry, it is currently far from living its best moment. The thing is that, for the first time in 10 years, it registered a significant loss of subscribers during the first quarter of 2022. This is not surprising, since users are not happy with anti-consumer practices and the absence of quality content.

Without a doubt, the panorama looks difficult. It seems that video games and a controversial plan with ads could be the lifeline of the service. As we find out if the loss of subscribers persists in the coming months and years, the community took advantage of this situation to remember an old tweet from the defunct Blockbuster.

Remember that time Blockbuster made fun of Netflix?

While the news of the difficult situation that the streaming service is experiencing reached the headlines, Internet users revived an old publication from Blockbuster, the movie sales and rental chain that closed its doors in that distant 2014.

Specifically, the tweet asked users to make known the reasons why they are leaving Netflix. The 3 most creative answers won an annual Blockbuster membership. Although this attractive promotion is no longer in force, the community has remembered it in recent days due to the current subscriber drain that afflicts the streaming service.

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The publication of the chain specializing in movie and video game rentals dates back to that distant 2011, but in the last few hours it went viral. By browsing the hashtag attached to the tweet we can see dozens of posts from people who, with a burlesque tone, ask if they can still participate in the promotion. Likewise, there are those who genuinely share their reasons for unsubscribing.

While it seems unlikely that Blockbuster will return from the dead, it’s curious that a tweet from him from more than 10 years ago reflects the discontent that currently engulfs his former competitor.

But tell us, do you plan to leave the streaming platform? Let us read you in the comments.

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