Cantinflas “married” Don Ramón and ‘The witch of 71’ in this film

Mario Moreno ‘Cantinflas’ was one of the most important comedians of the Golden Age of Mexican Cinema, because in addition to acting, he was also a producer, screenwriter and creator of his own films, in which he invited the most prominent stars in the industry, including Ramon Valdes and Angelines Fernandezwho were known as ‘Mr Ramon‘ Y ‘The Witch of ’71‘, in ‘El Chavo del 8’.

In the successful series created by Roberto Gomez Bolanos better known as ‘Chespirito’, Don Ramon and Doña Clotilde They became the favorite characters, because their story enchanted the fans. In the plot, the nicknamed ‘witch of 71‘I was in love with the father of the’The chilindrina’who constantly rejected her, however, the union of these two characters was thanks to the ‘Mime from Mexico‘.

Cantinflas married Don Ramón and La Bruja del 71

In 1971already when Cantinflas was a recognized actor thanks to his previous films in the gold cinema, the comedian made the film ‘The teacher’, directed by Miguel M. Delgado and starring Marga Lopez, Victor Alcocer and his own ‘Charles Chaplin Mexican‘. In it he also invited several child actors, as well as others, including Fernandez and Valdeswho were a couple in one of the scenes.

The actors played the parents of Martinwho was embodied by Rene Dupeyron. In the sequence, the teacher enters a humble house where the family of his student lives, there he finds the drunk dad (Valdés), Yet the mother (Fernández) claiming. Thus, Cantinflasin his character as a professor, reproaches him for the man’s alcoholism, as well as the abuse of the woman, who hits his son to vent his frustration.

It was so the fans of ‘El Chavo del 8’ could see “married” Doña Clotilde and Don Ramón, because although they did not have credits in said film, in the technical sheets of some digital pages, they appear with those names that gave them international fame thanks to the series that was launched in 1973, two years after their participation with Cantinflas.

The relationship between Don Ramón and Doña Clotilde

Maria de los Angeles Fernandez Abad, real name of the artist, came from Spain to Mexico after Civil war where he actively fought. For the part of him, ‘Monchito‘ was part of one of the most important dynasties of the Cine de Oro, as he was the brother of German Valdes ‘Tin Tan’with whom he debuted in ‘tender zucchini‘.

Doña Clotilde and Don Ramón are characters from ‘El Chavo del 8’ Photo: Special

Angelines and Ramon they met when they coincided in different projects, so it was the brother of Manuel ‘El Loco’ Valdés, who recommended her with Roberto Gomez Bolanos. He integrated it into his different productions, including ‘El Chavo del 8’, with which he established himself internationally. The actress worked 20 years next to ‘Chespirito‘, between 1971 and 1991, while ‘Moncho‘ left the show in 1979.

Both actors had a very strong friendship, to the extent that when Ramón Valdés died on August 19, 1988due to stomach cancer Angelines Fernandez was the only one of ‘The Chavo of 8‘ in attending the funeral and being next to the coffin for many hours saying “My roro”.


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