Christian Nodal revealed what he did with Belinda’s eye tattoo

The Mexican regional singer spoke about his relationship with Belinda PHOTO: ESTEBAN HERNÁNEZ / CUARTOSCURO.COM

Christian Nodal He broke the silence after his breakup with Belinda and not only talked about how he experienced the separation duel, but also about what happened to the huge tattoo of his ex-partner’s eyes that it was done in the chest.

It was during an interview for Joy come, where the singer of hits like We are no longer nor will we be, Bottle after Bottle either Goodbye Love he opened his heart and said once and for all whether or not the famous design was erased.

“I covered myself, I had eyes I covered them with wings. (It was a design) of taste, I have two poles: I hate it or I’m passionate about it, I don’t have a middle ground”, he pointed out.

Likewise, the Mexican regional interpreter confessed that he was about to open a tattoo studio, because that is a wish he has had for a long time.

“Tattoos are a subject that I have been passionate about since I was little and I have always wanted to be part of it, I tattooed Adamari and it was super beautiful, from a message from her daughter, so I love that. I have tattooed friends and I would also love to give them an excellent treatment”commented.

Christian Nodal tattooed Adamri López Photo: YouTube/@hoy Día
Christian Nodal tattooed Adamri López Photo: YouTube/@hoy Día

As for how he is in matters of the heart, Nodal pointed out that he still did not want to give more details about the reasons why he ended his commitment to the singer of the Toad.

“I’m fine, but I don’t want to share what happened“, said.

It should be remembered that a few days ago Nodal debuted as a tattoo artist in the live program. Well, during an interview for the program Today from Telemundo, Adamari López asked the Sonoran to make him a tattoo in honor of his eldest daughter Alaïa.

I would like you to do something to me that I am not so sure about doing, but I would like you to do it for me. Then I would like to tattoo something that had a meaning that is my daughter and that is that motivation and that important engine, “explained the 50-year-old interpreter during the broadcast of Telemundo.

Nodal covered his tattoos in honor of Belinda (Photo: Instagram/@rafaelvaldezart)
Nodal covered his tattoos in honor of Belinda (Photo: Instagram/@rafaelvaldezart)

For his part, and through his Instagram account, Belinda’s ex-boyfriend shared the emotional moment with the actress who starred in the melodrama Friends and rivals, there he tagged her in a story and attached some smiling emojis next to a green heart as a token of appreciation for the trust.

Regarding your most recent interview with Joy come, Nodal pointed out that he lived through an ambiguous period during the years that the COVID-19 pandemic has lasted, since he pointed out that there were good times, but he also learned that he still had a lot to work on himself.

Half was very pretty, then the other half was from working on oneself because you realize the things that are worth and the things that are not worth”, he sentenced.

The couple ended their relationship (Photo: Instagram/@belindapop)
The couple ended their relationship (Photo: Instagram/@belindapop)

The first time that Christian Nodal got a tattoo in honor of the singer of Love at first sight it was shortly after the also actress, confirmed their relationship publicly in August 2020. It said “BELI” and was close to the interpreter’s ear.

The second was that of Belinda’s controversial eyes, which was also made in 2020 and at that time, it was the same singer from Love at first sight who confirmed that the look on her now ex-fiancé’s chest was hers.

Already with a more stable relationship, at the end of 2021 Nodal went to have another mark made on his skin in honor of his girlfriend, decided to name himself after the second studio album of the pop singer, Utopia, in red and with a heart located below in a part of his forehead.


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