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  • Business Insider Mexico and the Institute of Well-being and Happiness Sciences look for organizations that invest in developing health practices among their employees and promote a positive work environment and culture.
  • To be part of Factor Wellbeing 2022, it is necessary to promote physical and mental health, focus on strengths and give meaning to the performance of the collaborator.
  • We must consider well-being as the new business strategy. In 2021, 24 companies stood out for a high index in this indicator.
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The new business strategy is employee welfare. There are several arguments that reinforce this perspective, such as the figures linked to improvement in commitment, resilience and work productivity, which results from focusing on the health of employees.

According to Gallup’s “State of the Global Workplace Report 2021” report, organizations face a great challenge in maintaining the emotional stability of their employees, even working from home, since 43% of employees globally report experiencing anxiety and high stress in a typical work day.

“Well-being, at this time, can replace productivity as the factor that drives change in workplace strategies,” says Rosalinda Ballesteros, director of the Institute of Well-being and Happiness Sciences at Tecmilenio University.

And when well-being goals are met, results come: 41% of employees believe that the possibility of being resilient increases if there is a plan of this nature at work, while those with resources to strengthen their physical and mental health are 35 percentage points less likely to change companies, according to data from the report ‘Health on demand 2021’, by the consulting firm Mercer.

“But that organizational well-being must be exercised in a bidirectional way, it is a relationship that involves both the organization and the collaborators,” adds Rosalinda Ballesteros.

How to make positive practices and relationships visible in companies for the well-being of employees?

In 2021, Business Insider Mexico together with the Institute of Well-being and Happiness Sciences decided to create their own initiative to measure well-being and its impact within the work environment.

Collaborators from all over the country were asked about the development of healthy behaviors and habits in the companies where they collaborate. Positive practices applied to the induction process, actions aimed at work-life balance and social responsibility initiatives undertaken in facilities and physical spaces were also mapped.

The intention was to identify what facilitates a feeling of well-being at work?, applying the BEAT methodology, developed by the Institute of Well-being and Happiness Sciences, and which covers four dimensions:

1. Employee welfare:

It consists of all the activities designed by organizations to promote the care of the physical and mental health of employees.

2. Focus on strengths:

Workers assess whether their leader genuinely demonstrates concern for their well-being. It is also measured if the organization uses its resources positively, which consists of focusing on the strengths of the team.

3. Positive environment:

The third aspect focuses on peer bonding practices. The relationship with others is a fundamental aspect of personal well-being, so the way in which leaders foster a good organizational climate is valued.

4. Meaningful work:

Beyond the monetary compensation that the organization gives its employees, people spend most of their time at work. Therefore, the sense of meaning and transcendence is evaluated.

Based on the analysis of responses from both employees and a Human Resources ambassador, from large consortiums such as Axtel, Banca Afirme, Banregio, Natura, Volvo and Volkswagen Group Academy, among others, it was concluded in 2021, among other aspects, that :

  • The companies are interested in offering wellness practices for all employees, although some put a nuance in the female sector. Women become a group that drives the creation of more initiatives.
  • The automotive sector stands out in its interest in incorporating emotional support guidelines for employees, for example unlimited video calls to psychologists, sessions to express feelings, etc.
  • Due to the pandemic situation experienced, focusing on practices to identify and act on psychosocial risks was another finding. There was evidence of various practices aligned with this objective, such as business coaching services to deal with emotional crises, psychological care lines, integration with the family, among others.

2022: A Vision for Employee Wellbeing in the Hybrid Environment

The answers in 2021 allowed us to know how the culture of well-being is promoted in 61 organizations, of which 24 stood out for a high index in this indicator. But they were also the impetus to launch the second edition of “Factor Wellbeing”.

This year, in addition to measuring the pulse of the organization under the BEAT dimensions, five new practices are incorporated that are a worldwide trend, among which the following stand out: attention to the mental health of the collaborator through training processes, financial well-being, team management in a hybrid scheme, labor flexibility and practices that favor a culture of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.

Another change this year is the creation of an exclusive platform for participating companies, which will facilitate the process of obtaining the badge, with a design focused on the user experience and with the support of advisers from the Institute of Well-being and Happiness Sciences.

Participating in Factor Wellbeing is free and none of the stages of the process of obtaining the badge generates costs for the organization. Registration can be done by clicking here.

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