La Jornada – Stage of priority attention to covid pandemic ends: AMLO

Mexico City. Mexico is in a position to terminate the stage of priority attention to the covid-19 pandemic, because it meets four criteria of the World Health Organization (WHO) for it: high response capacity, high vaccination coverage , few deaths related to the disease and a low number of cases.

The above was announced this morning during the conference of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador at the National Palace; where it was also announced that as of Thursday the registry will be opened to vaccinate all children over 12 years of age.

“Today ends a stage that has to do with priority attention to the pandemic that we suffered and it left us very sad. And we are going to inaugurate another stage,” said the president.

He explained that after just over two years of a global pandemic, the country now has better conditions because the spread of the virus is slowing down. For this reason, he announced that although the health authorities and institutions will continue to attend to everything related to Covid-19, the main attention in health matters will focus on the creation of the new care system in the matter, “with the purpose of guarantee the people of Mexico the right to health.

The objective, he said, is to guarantee health care to all those Mexicans who do not have social security.

“This includes that the medical units, health centers, hospitals are in good condition; that they have the necessary equipment, all the doctors, the specialists; that there is attention on weekends, at night, permanent attention; that clinical tests and medicines be delivered free of charge; that free medical care be guaranteed, not only what has to do with basic medicines, the so-called basic chart, but all medicines, studies and everything that has to do with health for free”.

The president indicated that the strategy has already begun to operate in Nayarit and work is being done in 15 more states so that, as of this year, they will have quality health care.

Meanwhile, the Undersecretary for Prevention and Health Promotion, Hugo López-Gatell, took stock of the impacts of the pandemic in the country.

Based on official data on a global scale, he denied that Mexico is the fourth country with the most deaths from Covid-19. “It was a constructed lie, the accessible data is here to show it.”

López-Gatell said that the use of a face mask – which was always recommended as a measure to avoid transmitting the virus and not as an instrument to prevent infection – is no longer necessary in public spaces, and can only be used indoors.

He added that because for four consecutive 15-day sessions the epidemiological traffic light has remained green, as of May 1 the health authorities will no longer issue the risk alert for the first time since the pandemic was decreed, in March. of 2020.

On the screens installed in the Treasury Hall of the National Palace, the official who headed the strategy against the pandemic in the country, projected a table with figures in which Mexico is ranked as the 28th country out of 30 in terms of mortality from every million inhabitants.

Above Mexico, he said, are nations like Peru and Brazil. Chile, in 16th place and the United States, in 17th for their levels of mortality related to the disease. Below our country were only Russia and Ukraine, in places 29 and 30.

He stressed that the world is about to enter the endemic stage of the disease, since the virus will not disappear, but thanks to different factors, such as vaccination, its spread will be less and the disease will remain and will surely behave like influenza, seasonal with greater number of infections in autumn and winter and less in spring and summer.

The WHO, he stated, has established four criteria that make it possible to point out that nations are at the end of the Covid-19 epidemic: high response capacity, high vaccination coverage, few deaths and low number of cases.

Mexico meets these criteria: hospital occupancy is less than 2 percent, vaccination coverage is 90 percent among the adult population and 87 percent among all persons eligible to receive it; on average there are four deaths a day and less than 300 cases a day.

“Based on this, we can affirm that in Mexico we are closing the epidemic cycle and transitioning to the endemic one.”