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what happened in Ozarks? The Netflix series, starring Jason Bateman and Laura Linney, says goodbye to its audience with the premiere of part 2 of season 4 in April. After the end of the first installment, whose explanation you can read here, the production prepares for the unraveling of the Byrde family and their connections to drug trafficking and the darkest faces of American politics and business.

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Shortly after the expected closing, we tell you in what other series and films the actors who embody the main characters of one of the most watched and darkest fictions of the aforementioned appeared streaming platform.

Sofia Hublitz (Charlotte Byrde) and Jason Bateman (Marty Byrde) in Ozark. (Photo: Netflix)


10. Jason Bateman in “Arrested Development”

Jason Bateman gives life to Marty Byrde in “Ozarks”but before it was part of the series “Arrested Development”, much celebrated by critics. She gave life to Michael Bluth, who makes every effort to bring his family back to the wealthy status it used to have.

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9. Laura Linney in “The Truman Show”

While whate Laura Linney, Wendy Byrde in the Netflix series, she is remembered for having played Jim Carrey’s wife in “The Truman Show”, the iconic film that received three Oscars. The actress was one of the protagonists along with Ed Harris, Noah Emmerich, among others.

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8. Skylar Gaertner in “Daredevil”

Skylar Gaertnermeanwhile, before being the youngest son of the Byrde, was the younger version of Matt Murdock in “Daredevil”the series that tells the story of a blind lawyer who seeks to eliminate evil out of court.

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7. Sofia Hublitz in “MasterChef Junior”

Sofia Hublitz in “Ozark” is Charlotte, the eldest daughter of the family that launders money. Her foray into television was in “Junior MasterChef”, the youth format of the well-known television program. The artist returned to the show in March.

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6. Julia Garner in “The Americans”

Similarly, before being the cunning and complex ruth langmorethe actress Julia Garner gave life to Kimmy Breland in “The Americans”. Her role was notable for being the daughter of a leader within the CIA.

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5. Charlie Tahan in “I Am Legend”

While, charlie tahan has grown in his career by playing Wyatt. But his first steps were taken in “I’m legend“, beside Will Smith. His role was a boy named Ethan who was immune to the virus sweeping New York.

4. Lisa Emeril in “Jessica Jones”

In the Netflix series, Lisa Emery is the intelligent and cruel Darlene Snell. The actress has made a prolific career in the theater. Now, her foray into television has led her to be the mother of Kilgrave in “Jessica Jones”. He has done the same in “The Sinner” and “Blindspot”.

3. Felix Solis in “The Good Wife”

The race of Félix Solís before being Omar Navarro in “Ozark” has been very varied, but his work as detective Kevin Rodríguez in “The Good Wife”, the successful series awarded with the Emmy.

2. Tom Pelphrey in “Guiding Light”

Tom Pelphrey surprised with his interpretation of Ben in “Ozarks”, Wendy’s brother who puts the share of sanity in the Netflix series. The actor has also been part of “Guiding Light” as Jonathan Randall, for which he was awarded several times.

1. Kevin L. Johnson in “Barry Seal: Only in America”

Finally, the remembered Sam Dermody from “Ozarks” is played by Kevin L. Johnson, who has been part of the movie “Barry Seal: Only in America”, along with Tom Cruise. His role was agent Horace Wainwright.