The Batman broke an incredible record in its first week on HBO Max

Warner Bros. not only is he in a position to celebrate having amassed $750 million at the world box office ($365 million in the US alone), thanks to batman from Matt Reevesbut also has a lot to toast thanks to its premiere in hbo max.

Last April 18, batman premiered in hbo max After a month and a half in theaters and in its first week on the platform, the DC film accumulated more than 4.1 million viewers (in the United States) in its first seven days. The impressive figure surpassed the numbers accumulated by other great releases from HBO Max and Warner Bros., such as Suicide Squad (3.5 million), Wonder Woman 1984 (3.2 million), The Matrix Resurrections (3.2 million) and dunes (2.3 million), all of which released simultaneously in theaters and streaming as part of Warner Bros.’ strategy for the pandemic.