They capture Maite Perroni looking suspiciously tummy; she is 3 months old, says magazine

The relationship between the main character dark desire and the producer Andres Tovar is rising in level because, according to the publication of a well-known magazine, they capture Maite Perroni wearing suspicious belly. According to the information, the 39-year-old singer is already 3 months pregnant.

It was through the show magazine TvNotas that a series of red-handed images were leaked, in which the former is seen RBD, Maite Perroni on a date with her boyfriend, the former producer of Sale el Sol, Andres Tovarwith whom, it is rumored, she is expecting her first child.

And although the actress love triumphed Y Be careful with the angel He has not denied or confirmed the rumors, according to the images, he could soon give the good news because, to tell the truth, the couple looks quite in love and ready to start a family.

At least that’s what an anonymous source close to Maite Perroni Y Andres Tovarwhich the magazine interviewed who assures that the actress and singer originally from Mexico City, indeed, is pregnant.

And it is that, despite the fact that their relationship started on the wrong foot, since the producer, who recently joined Tv Azteca, leaving Sale el Sol, was still married to the actress claudia martinfor which they were the target of criticism and attacks, although for the moment they seem to have ceased.

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According to the source close to the couple, the actress would be about to complete 3 months of pregnancy, time in which they supposedly decided to break the news to the world, because the first three months of pregnancy are always the most complicated.

-Maite has just released the movie Without you I can’t and Andrés joined TV Azteca, how are you doing with that?

“Both are at their best professionally speaking and, without a doubt, they are proud of each other, they support each other unconditionally and even more so now that a great gift of life will come to them.”

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-What are you talking about?

“Because Maite is expecting a baby.”


“Of course, it is confirmed by the lips and voice of the mom-to-be herself.”

According to the informant, who claims to be from the close circle of Maite Perronithe actress told the news to her best friends, revealing her great emotion and enthusiasm for become a mother.

-Were you already looking to get pregnant or was it a surprise?

“They were already looking for him, they are a couple who know what they want and both decided not to take care of themselves anymore, because they are not children either and look, he hit them very quickly.”

-Do you know how long he has?

“As far as I know, it’s almost over for three months.”

-And why haven’t they released this great news?

“As you know, the first three months are always careful, so both are waiting for them to be fulfilled so they can break the news, and a lot has happened to them in these months.”

-As which?

“The health problems of Maite’s mother, who had an aneurysm operated on last February, and his job change. They didn’t want it to affect the baby; however, fortunately everything is going great and they will be able to break the news, I don’t think it will take long”.

– And how is the future dad?

“I have not seen him, but she says that Andrés is not happy, which was double because, after knowing that he would be a father, they looked for him from TV Azteca to produce Get closer to Rocío. You can imagine how happy he was, surely the baby will bring cake under his arm.


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