Who is the youtuber Mafian TV who covered the Debanhi case

Youtube is one of the largest video platforms on the internet, in it you can find all kinds of content: food recipes, music, viral videos, controversial and even those that present journalistic investigations, such is the case of Mafia TV.

Fabian Pasos, known as Mafia TVis a youtuber Mexican who in recent days has given something to talk about for his documentation in the case of Debanhi Escobar, occurred in Monterrey, Nuevo León.

Recently, the youtuber denounced attacks and hacking attempts after the publication of videos about Debanhiwhich is why he informed his community of followers, whom he calls “ruffians” that, for security reasons, he had to leave the country for the United States.

Photo: Instagram @mafiantv

Mafian TV investigations on YouTube

The “Elder Ruffian”, nicknamed by his followers, not only shares videos on controversial cases, it also has a channel dedicated to paranormal phenomena and another where it offers relevant information in just 240 seconds. But if you still don’t know who it is Mafia TV today at Tech Bit we tell you.

Fabian Steps He has worked as a journalist, was a reporter for TV Azteca and is currently a columnist for Diario Basta!, although he also works as a freelancer through social media, with greater emphasis on Youtube.

Your main channel Youtube Mafia TV” It has 1.51 million followers and 414 videos that are characterized by “acid” critical content, exclusive interviews and uncensored topics of social interest.

Photo: Instagram @mafiantv

Mafia TV has different videos With millions of views on controversial cases that have occurred in the country, one of the most popular is the one related to the death of actor Octavio Ocaña. However, Mafia TV also became popular in Internet when he followed up on the case of Mario Sáenz, the skater accused of the femicide of Victoria Pamela Salas.

Likewise, his channel has different sections, one of them titled “Who put the finger on you?” where he analyzes what lies behind mysterious events.

Also in Youtube shares criticism of cases related to youtubers and influencers like YosStop accused by Ainara Suárez; Rix and Nath Campos; Ricardo Ponce; Caeli; or Luisito Communicates.

Photo: Instagram @mafiantv

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What other activities does the youtuber Mafian TV carry out?

Mafia TV has shared with his followers that, despite the controversies in which his name has been involved, his passion for journalism is what motivates him to generate content on social media.

But not all of its content is related to serious cases of national interest, the youtuber He is also the leader of the channel “Mafian Investigations” where he publishes videos about ghosts, souls in pain, demons, goblins, ufos and all kinds of cases about paranormal phenomena for lovers of terror and suspense.

Photo: Instagram @mafiantv

Although its activity extends beyond Youtube Well, in addition to his third channel “Mafian 240”, every night the journalist broadcasts live on the YouNow platform to talk with his community of “ruffians” about trending topics.

Mafia TV has a presence in other social media Like TikTok, where he accumulates more than 695 thousand followers and 490 thousand “likes”, there he shares small fragments of his investigations, such as the one he went to carry out at the “La Corregidora” Stadium after the Atlas vs Querétaro match.

The youtuber Mafian TV She enjoys sharing her day-to-day on Instagram, where she has 1.5 million followers, to whom she lets them glimpse her adventures alongside her Pomeranian dog “Horchata” and her cat “Soho”.

At the moment, Mafia TV is one of the most popular content creators in MexicoAs an example, the comments that his “ruffians” leave him as a sign of support and gratitude for sharing his journalistic work.

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