WWE Monday Night Raw: coverage and results for April 25, 2022

USA Network will air the 1,509th episode of WWE Monday Night Raw this Monday, April 25, 2022 live from the Thompson-Boling Arena in Knoxville, TN. This week’s show features several highlights, such as a defense of Bianca Belair’s Raw Women’s Championship against Sonya Deville, or an arm wrestling match between Bobby Lashley and Omos.


Ali says he’s heard that Theory has scheduled an open challenge for his championship, so he’s more than willing to accept it. Theory refuses and Miz is willing to expose him in front of everyone. Theory confirms that Mr. MhMahon has scheduled the match, something that Miz is not very happy about.


The Miz presents Theory for a new edition of Miz TV, and claims to see in him a young version of The Miz. Theory says that Miz is quite an inspiration for him, and remembers some of his greatest achievements in WWE. Theory emphasizes that he is the youngest United States Champion in history, and says that he will take said championship to another level. However… They are both interrupted by Mustafa Ali!


It’s time for Miz TV!

It's time for Miz TV!


Damian Priest defeats Finn Bálor


Priest’s Razor’s Edge against the edge of the ring. Bálor is recovered when he returns from commercials, he proceeds with a Standing Foot Stomp and striking. Slingblade, Priest responds with a Chokeslam and Bálor reverts to a little package. Looking for height, Bálor is distracted by Edge and Priest applies the Final Reckoning followed by a Reverse STO for the victory.


Finn Balor vs. Damian Priest


The Street Profits speak from backstage, assuring that they will be closely watching the match between RK-Bro and The Usos at WrestleMania Backlash. Angelo Dawkins and Montez Ford are running as contenders.


Becky states that no one will stop her on her way to the top, until familiar music begins to play… IT’S ASUKA! Becky tries to attack Asuka, who dodges the blow and goes on to taunt the former champion.


Becky Lynch heads to the ring to speak for the first time since her loss at WrestleMania 38 for the Raw Women’s Championship. Becky says that she did not want to appear on Raw because she does not recognize herself without the championship. However, she assures that this will be the beginning of a great way back to the top to recover the gold.


Time for Big Time Becks!

Time for Big Time Becks!


After the match, R-Truth tries to take the championship back with a Roll-up, but Dana Brooke breaks free on the count of two, visibly upset by the betrayal.


Akira Tozawa and Tamina defeat Reggie and Dana Brooke


The 24/7 rules will not apply in this match. After some tension between Dana and Tamina, Tozawa takes over and connects a Diving Senton against Reggie to lead his team to victory.


R-Truth as special referee – Reggie and Dana Brooke vs. Akira Tozawa and Tamina

R-Truth as special referee - Reggie and Dana Brooke vs.  Akira Tozawa and Tamina


Omos is close to victory in the first few seconds, but MVP’s taunts against Lashley have the opposite effect, enraging “The Almighty” even more. Lashley ends up winning the competition, and when he was about to celebrate, Omos brutally beats him up.


Bobby Lashley and Omos are ready for their arm wrestling competition

Bobby Lashley and Omos are ready for their arm wrestling competition


Veer Mahaan continues his brutal attack on Sam Smothers after the match, smashing him into the announce table until the staff has to intervene.


Veer Mahaan defeats Sam Smothers


Pure chaos and destruction culminated in an Indian Deathlock Cobra Twist.


Veer Mahaan vs. sam smothers


Edge, accompanied by Damian Priest, addresses AJ Styles. Edge wonders where AJ is tonight, stating that he has no chance of defeating him at WrestleMania Backlash, so he advises him to stay home. Finally, Priest ensures that Finn Bálor’s final day has come.


Queen Zelina and Carmella argue backstage. Sonya Deville tells them that they only had one job, which was to defend her, so for having failed her task, she takes away their starting opportunity for the Women’s Tag Team Championships. They both complain and are slapped by the general manager, clearly abusing her power.


Bianca Belair retains the Raw Women’s Championship against Sonya Deville


Queen Zelina and Carmella show up to help Sonya. Bianca tries the Facebuster on her and Sonya reverses it by crashing her into the corner guards, followed by a DDT against a steel chair. Bianca quickly recovers, smashes Sonya into the chair and hits the KOD for the win.


Once again, Sonya restarts the fight, this time without disqualification and counts out.


Sonya grabs a steel chair and hits Bianca, forcing a disqualification.


Sonya, enraged, takes the microphone to announce that the match will be restarted without outside accounts.


Bianca throws Sonya against the announce table and the count out reaches ten.


Raw Women’s Championship – Bianca Belair (c) vs. Sonya DeVille

Raw Women's Championship - Bianca Belair (c) vs.  Sonya DeVille


Glenn Jacobs, aka Kane, talks to Bianca Belair before their match.


Ezekiel interrupts Rollins and proceeds to introduce himself to the rest. Kevin Owens appears in the audience and confronts Ezekiel, calling him a liar and exposing him to Orton. The Usos are the last to appear and talk about the unification match at WrestleMania Backlash. Adam Pearce makes an appearance and schedules a faction match tonight.


Cody and Randy hug each other, but are soon interrupted by Seth Rollins, who asks Randy not to trust Cody, as he’s only here to steal his spotlight. Seth tells Cody that the universe doesn’t revolve around him, and starts talking about Randy being the past and not the present.


Randy thanks the fans for being by his side after so many years. Riddle says that he has a surprise for Randy, someone he considers a mentor and who years ago were considered friends: “The American Nightmare” Cody Rhodes.


Riddle introduces Randy Orton to a thunderous ovation. Randy says that he still has a long way to go and remembers some of his most epic rivals, including John Cena, Triple H, The Undertaker or Mick Foley, whom he especially thanks. Randy states that today he is having a better time than ever thanks to Riddle.


The Monday Night Raw roster circles the ring to celebrate Randy Orton’s 20th anniversary as a professional wrestler. Riddle, as master of ceremonies, presents a video summary of the career of “The Viper”.


Randy Orton’s celebration opens Monday Night Raw!

Randy Orton's celebration opens Monday Night Raw!


official billboard

Raw Women’s Championship
Bianca Belair (c) vs. Sonya DeVille

arm wrestling competition
Bobby Lashley vs. omos

Becky Lynch will reappear after her loss at WrestleMania 38

Randy Orton will celebrate his 20th anniversary in WWE.


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