an old romance and discord over a song

Ana Bárbara during a Grammy award as part of the jury. (JC Olivera/Getty Images for Estrella Media)

Ana Barbara and Jose Manuel Figueroa They maintain an intense fight whose outcome is still in suspense. The origin of the problem is in the song Forbidden fruit, whose authorship the two artists claim. As expressed by Figueroa, he does not claim royalties but he does want to be recognized as the author of the song. However, Ana Bárbara has made it very clear: Forbidden fruit it is his and he was in charge of all the legal procedures that prove it.

At the beginning of the century, the two interpreters were protagonists of one of the most notorious romances in Mexican entertainment. It was the end of 2001 when the courtship between Figueroa and Ana Bárbara resonated strongly in all the programs and magazines of the time. Despite the strong impact that the relationship had at the media level, everything ended too quickly the following year, although in 2012, a decade away, a possible return was rumored that was not confirmed by either party.

On several occasions the son of the deceased Joan Sebastián had expressed himself in the best terms about his romance with Queen Grupera. “It was a relationship that had some beautiful things. I was fortunate to share music with someone, that she shared her music with me”Figueroa said in 2019 in an interview with Televisa.

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Precisely, according to Figueroa, from that romance was born the theme Forbidden fruit. In an interview with Ventaneando, he reported that she composed the song with a dedication for Ana Bárbara and for her to make free use of the content. Now, more than 20 years away from that romance, he wants recognition for the song, which premiered last year, but according to Ana Bárbara, she had composed it for almost 17 years. The theme has been highly valued by fans of the group genre and, especially, by the followers of Ana Bárbara.

“It will always be hers: I composed it for her and I made it for her with a lot of love and very much in love at the time. The only thing I want to recover is the recognition of the work”, Figueroa said on the popular TV Azteca program.

Figueroa at a press conference.  (Getty Images)

Figueroa at a press conference. (Getty Images)

Ana Bárbara has pointed out that Figueroa’s speech has sexist elements, because according to the singer’s logic she could not compose a song like Forbidden fruitdespite the fact that he has harvested a wide repertoire of his own songs throughout his career. In addition to the fact that he has composed songs for other artists, as was the case with Ángela Aguilar with the song In fact, one of the most successful during 2021 in the Mexican regional genre.

The matter has even merited the opinion of other celebrities, as was the case of Maribel Guardia, who highlighted the talent and creativity that characterize Ana Bárbara. Faced with this position, Figueroa criticized her intervention and said that she had nothing to do with the matter. Of course, Ana Bárbara was not silent and defended Maribel. “If I’m going to spend my voice it’s for something worthwhile. I love her: she is a beautiful person and more sensitive than many who claim to be like that. There is no worse blind person in this life than the one who does not want to see,” said Reina Grupera for the TV Azteca cameras.

“What provokes me is machismo, right? Because ‘Ana Bárbara couldn’t write Forbidden Fruit’, well of course I wrote Forbidden Fruit, I wrote Lo Searched, I wrote Que Poca, I wrote No Es Brujería, I wrote En Realidad by Ángela Aguilar and many others for more than 25 years.

In the same way, Ana Bárbara stressed the value of her authorship in each of the songs she has composed. “The works are perfectly in order and registered. It would be very unfortunate that a misogynistic comment, because that makes me feel, that they cannot accept that a woman makes a song of those characteristics and as cool as she is Forbidden fruit“, he pointed.

There is no doubt that this controversy will not rest for a long time. However, Ana Bárbara has the advantage from a legal point of view. Against that there are no memories that can win.


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