Beautiful actress of the Cine de Oro made horror movies and had a tragic death

The Golden Age of Mexican Cinema is remembered for its stories full of romance and drama, however, few know that during this time the first horror movies In our country. The tapes of this genre began to arrive in theaters in the 30s, and she was the beautiful actress, Adriana Lamar, who was in the first film, and who later had a tragic death.

In the 1930s, he began a horror movie series, encouraged by the American industry, who had already ventured into the area exposing monsters. Therefore, in 1933, the Mexican director Ramon Pawndecided to bring to the seventh art the legend of ‘La Llorona’, this being the first title of the genre in national cinematography.

The plot that told the story of the soul in pain of a woman who drowned her children, had the participation of Carlos Noriega Hope and Fernando de Fuentesas writers, as well as in the leading roles: Ramon Pereda, Virginia Zuri, Carlos Orellana and adriana lamarwho debuted in this film, and years later died young.

Adriana Lamar debuted in ‘La Llorona’ in 1933 Photo: Special

Adriana Lamar and her tragic death

Amparo Gutierrez Hernandez, real name of the artist originally from Celaya, Guanajuatohad his first participation in ‘La Llorona’, and at the same time in ‘Sanctuary‘, both tapes of Ramon Pawn, who was her husband and became her head director. In these two films, adriana lamar He showed all his talent and caught the attention of other filmmakers, managing to participate in more than 30 films of the Mexican Golden Cinema.

In 1946, when she had already consolidated her career as a supporting actress and was recording the mystery film, ‘Rocambole‘, together with Ramón Pereda, José Baviera, Joaquín Coss, and Mimi Derba, known for being the first film director; The sea became seriously ill, so had to undergo surgeryhowever, the film actress did not survive Y he died on January 30, at only 38 years of age.

His remains were buried in the Spanish Pantheon in Mexico City. After her death, her husband retired from the big screen for a season, until he married, in 1948, the rumbera Marie Antoinette Pons who conquered everyone with his dances but retired at the top of his career.

Adriana Lamar and her time at the Cine de Oro

After his debut in ‘La Llorona’, Adriana Lamar was part of other movies like ‘Chucho the Broken’, ‘Death Flight’, ‘You will not kill’ -one of the few films spoken in Spanish that was successful in Hollywood-, as well as ‘Mujeres de hoy’ and ‘México bonito’. Another of her most important roles was that of Mary Magdalene in the biblical feature film ‘Jesus of Nazareth‘, starring the Argentine actor Jose Cibrian and premiered on March 27, 1942.

The actress shared credits with figures like David Silva, Joaquin PardaveRamón Armengod, and Miguel Ángel Ferriz, as well as with the Soler brothers, Fernando and Domingo, with whom he starred in ‘The prodigious barber. While, adriana lamar He went down in history for being in the first Mexican horror film.


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