Flor Silvestre broke Cantinflas’s heart in this film from the Cine de Oro

Guillermina Jimenez Chabolla, who was better known as Flor Silvestre made her debut as an actress in the final stretch of the call Golden Age of Cinema in Mexico where he had the opportunity to act alongside great figures of the moment such as Mario Moreno “Cantinflas” who we will also talk about on this occasion because we will remember the film in which “El Gran Mime de México” ended with a broken heart because of Ángela Aguilar’s grandmother.

In her debut as an actress, Wild flower participated in the movie called “First I am Mexican” (1950)which is a romantic comedy where he shared credits with Joaquin Pardave and Luis Aguilar, however, in the following years he only made dramatic films and some westerns, however, in 1957 he returned to appear in a film of the comic genre and he did it with nothing more and nothing less with the greatest comedian on the big screen, Mario Moreno “Cantinflas”.

the movie in which Wild Flower and Mario Moreno “Cantinflas” they worked together was “Raquel’s Bolero” (1957) and because Antonio Aguilar’s wife had a small role, hardly anyone remembers her, but His participation was extremely decisive for the development of the story. of this well-known film of the beloved “peladito”.

Flor Silvestre and Cantinflas in “El Bolero de Raquel”. Photo: Special

In said production directed by Miguel M. Delgado, Pepe Aguilar’s mother gives life to the character of “Leonor”who is the mother of “Chavita” (Paquito Fernández) and comadre of “Cantinflas” who, when she is widowed, goes to Guadalajara to look for her parents with whom she had lost contact when she decided to get married and During his absence, he leaves Mario Moreno in charge of his son.who works as a bolero.

During the time that “Cantinflas” takes care of “Chavita”, they both have fun adventures and thanks to his godson he also knows “Raquel” (Manola Saavedra), the child’s teacher, with whom Mario Moreno’s character falls in love.

Flor Silvestre played a small but decisive role in “El Bolero de Raquel”. Photo: Special

The adventures of “Cantinflas” and “Chavita” in addition to being fun makes both characters take a great affection for each other to the point of considering themselves as father and son, however, in the final stretch of the film, Flor Silvestre reappears and breaks the heart of “Cantinflas” Well, he tells her that he only returned to take his son because he plans to live in another city because she had found a new love that accepted her with everything and her offspring.

Faced with this situation, “Cantinflas” says goodbye to “Chavita” and is left with a broken heart and with a ball that the boy craved with all his might, but decided not to give it to him because his mother had given him an even bigger one. Despite the misfortune of “Cantinflas”, the end of the movie does have a happy ending Well, “El Gran Mime de México” begins a relationship with “Raquel”, who proposes that she have her own children so that she does not miss “Chavita” and that is how the story ends.

Flor Silvestre breaks “Cantinflas”‘s heart by taking “Chavita”. Photo: Special

After this film with Mario Moreno “Cantinflas”, Wild flower again he had the opening to work in different film genres and in terms of comedy, in the following years he was able to work with other great comic figures such as “Viruta” and “Capulina”, Adalberto Martínez “Springs” and even with Manuel “The Fool” Valdes.


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