La India María: This is how the intense love story between the Mexican and her handsome Russian husband took place | PHOTOS

Within the artistic guild in our country, it is known that el Golden Cinema Mexican marked a very important time within the seventh art at an international level, as it cultivated great artists who are now remembered for their talent inside of screen big.

And precisely one of the stars that stood out with its brilliance within the great screen in the most prolific era of Mexican cinema was Maria Elena Velascobetter known as “La India María”.

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The work of La India María in the Golden Cinema

Although she began as a dancer and star, the truth is that it was thanks to her talent that new doors and it was in the early 1960s when he gave the jump to the big screen.

After this time he began to participate in different productions, some of his first films were “Ruletero at full speed” (1962), “The King of the tomato” (1963), “Mexico of my memories (1963),” The rights of the children “(1963), to mention some of the titles they toasted fame to Maria Elena.

India María and her international projection

Due to the outstanding success and acceptance that she obtained with her character of India María, the actress originally from Puebla was able to participate in various successful and projection films. international.

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Let us remember that in short, María Elena worked alongside great characters and actors of great relevance in the history of Mexican cinema, such is the case of Eulalio González “Piporro” in Wheelie at full throttle Y the tomato king; with Henry Lucero in the bloody revolver; Y Fernando Soto”Butter” in Children’s rights, to mention some of his work.

India’s Russian husband Maria and their love story

Although it is said that María Elena Velasco was a special person when it came to choosing who to relate to, the truth is that there was a man who stole all her attention, fell in love with her and became her husband, this from 1965 to 1974; this is a handsome origin actor Russian.

The foreign actor who was the husband of “La India María” is Vladimir Lipkies Chazán, better known as Julián de Meriche, who was born in 1909 in the Russian Empire and triumphed in Mexico at the time of the Golden Cinema, where in addition to being a actor of cinema, triumphed as a choreographer international.

María Elena Velasco and her husband of Russian origin. Photo: Special

The famous actor worked in the cinema in the 1930s and thanks to his success he was called to work at Mexicowhere he participated in many films playing papers Secondaries since the 1940s.

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It is known that it was on the recording sets that María met her great lovethis in the movie Poor but honest in 1973, where they worked together.

After sharing cameras, the Mexican actress would have been captivated due to her manners and education, and after beginning to meet and date, Vladimir became the husband of India María, and in the great love of her life, because after the death of the Russian, in 1974, India María never married again.

Vladimir Lipkies Chazán, better known as Julián de Meriche. Photo: Special



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