Mau, son of Ricardo Montaner announces that he will be a father

Yesterday it was announced that the famous singer Ricardo Montaner will be grandfather again, then Mau and Sara have announced through the various social networks that they will soon be parents.

That’s right, Mau, son of Ricardo Montaner and his wife, sarah escobar They have recently announced that they are expecting their first child.

Everything seems to indicate that Ricardo Montaner’s family continues to grow and just weeks after the birth of Indigo, the Montaner family announced that it is waiting for its new member, the baby of Mau and Sara Escobar.

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It should be noted that the singer, together with his brother Ricky, has formed one of the best-known reggaeton duets of recent times and shared through his social networks that he is expecting his first baby.

As you may remember, Indigo, Evaluna and Camilo’s baby was born on April 9, in a home birth, so the interpreter will once again become a grandfather.

The news was shared by the same singer Mau Montaner through his official Instagram account where he posted a video that compiles some photos from the last few weeks.

From the day the couple found out that they would be parents to the tender moments that have passed during the pregnancy.

They have been very beautiful months, of changes that I embrace, of lemon sleeves, of dreaming of what is to come and stopping to receive the beauty of what is being experienced now… months of celebration. Happy to live all this together Mawi,” the singer wrote in the publication.


According to the information released, Sara Escobar took three pregnancy tests to confirm her pregnancy and since then the life of the Spanish model and that of the singer has been a roller coaster of emotions.

In the short shared video you can see the baby’s ultrasound, Sara’s cravings and at the end, a couple of cute photos of the future parents.

It should be noted that the singer currently has five grandchildren: Índigo, Alejandro, Antonela, Matías and Salomé, so the son of Mau and Sara Escobar will be the sixth grandson of the Argentine singer-songwriter.

Without a doubt, this news has filled everyone with emotions, because what is most touching is that Indigo will have someone very close in age with whom she will be able to share her entire life.

On the other hand, it is important to mention that until now the face of Evaluna and Camilo’s baby is unknown, since apparently they want to keep it private, so we will have to be very attentive when they give any sign of it.

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