Michelle Renaud makes you sigh in elegant retro swimsuit

Michelle Renaud makes you sigh in elegant retro swimsuit. The protagonist of “The Inheritance”, was ready to enjoy the sun in a style that was both sophisticated and understated.

And it is that with the arrival of this soap opera a different Michelle Renaud has also appeared who has empowered the single women, young mothers and in itself, to every girl who seeks to get ahead based on her own effort.

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To some months after ending her love affair with Danilo Carrera, Michelle Renaud has shown that it is good to be single time and that in this period one can learn a lot about oneself. She is not only killing her new leading role, but the actress of “want it all”, “Rebel” and “daughters of the moon” has given a lecture on emotional intelligence with several messages on social networks.

After several years of effort, today Michelle Renaud is a highly recognized actress and she has also fallen in love with her style so today she shines in a retro swimsuit that makes one sigh.

“I like it and I like it, I already did it” he wrote michelle renaud in the pose that earned her more than 60 thousand reactions from friends and followers highlighting her beauty but also remembering the importance of self love.

Michelle Renaud, one more follower of the Wim Hof ​​method

In the last weeks, michelle renaud It has also caused much to talk about by appearing submerged in a tub with ice and ice water, a practice known as the Wim Hoff method.

Renaud has explained that this technique has helped him with his emotional health, his physical health and his well-being in general, but he is not the only celebrity who practices it. We have also seen other stars like Aislinn Derbez proving the benefits of this trend.

The Wim Hoff method was created by a Dutch man of the same name around 1995, when his partner took his life in a psychotic break and left him alone with their four children. Thus, he developed this method to demonstrate that the human will can handle anything, it combines human breathing and tolerance to cold, so that the person is immersed in ice water little by little, in increasing time intervals, beginning with the face and even achieve it with the whole body. Michelle Renaud does it religiously every day despite her recording schedule and she just looks better than ever.

For now, michelle renaud She continues to cause a sensation with her beauty, her intelligence and her talent, being part of one of the most watched telenovelas on Canal de las Estrellas a few weeks after it began broadcasting.

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