Netflix: the miniseries of only 3 chapters that you have to see on the platform

beyond your problems from the last weekIt is a fact that Netflix is ​​by far the most chosen option in the world when watching series, movies or documentaries. The platform has almost 222 million subscribers globallyexploded even more during the pandemic and its content menu has options for all tastes.

Action, suspense, romance, horror or science fiction. No matter what the user is looking for, the service that owes its name to a combination of the words Net (which means network) and Flicks (which is a popular name for movies in the United States) has a way to satisfy it.

The Danish film that was among the most watched on Netflix

The canceled series came to Netflix five years ago and today it is all the rage: is a new season coming?

And on this occasion, it reminds us a great production german that dates from 2019, that was recently incorporated into the platform and that captivated many, becoming a trend.

The plot focuses on the lives of four women who represent different generations of the family.

Is about “season of secrets“a mysterious German miniseries that with only three episodes deals with the most intimate complexities of a family in the middle of a Christmas reunion.

Season of secrets, the captivating original miniseries of only 3 chapters: what is it about

The plot focuses on the life of four women representing different generations of the family.

Soniaa forty-year-old woman known for her adventurous rebellious soulwho joined a group of Alcoholics Anonymous. The relationship with her daughters is destroyed due to her constant absence. livethe oldest and least willing to forgive her mom. His biggest passion is musicbut opening doors in the industry is not easy. LauraVivi’s younger sister, a shy and quiet girl who seeks to get away from family problems.

They were both raised by Eve, Sonja’s mother and the fourth character in the plot, whose days are numbered. The camera jumps back and forth through periods of time, unfolding a complex web of family drama that spans decades.

The plot focuses on the lives of four women who represent different generations of the family.

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Some topics that are addressed throughout the miniseries are: alcoholism, mental illness, suicide, dementia and death. The members of this family each endured traumatic episodes in their lives, so the revelations, as shocking as they are, never descend into chaos.

As explained by the director Samira Radissi in an official statement for the premiere of the series, the story becomes an exploration of the female lineage of the family: “With an unusual narrative structure, ‘Season of Secrets’ illustrates how family members influence each other across generations and how this intertwining makes the individual what he is.

The story proposed by the series becomes an exploration of the female lineage of the family


  • Duration: 113 minutes
  • Country: Germany
  • Address: Samira Radsi, Andres Szcs
  • Guin: Katy Eyssen
  • Music: Ren Dohman
  • Distribution: Leonie Benesch, Corinna Harfouch, Svenja Jung, Christiane Paul
  • Producer: Sommerhaus Filmproduktion