Paulina Rubio talks about her mother and Alejandra Guzmán

Susana DosamantesMexican actress and mother of the ‘golden girl‘, Paulina Rubio, entered an emergency hospital in Miami, because of a illness related to the pancreas, which shocked the entertainment world.

Along with this tragic news, Paulina Rubio began her concert tour in the company of the controversial singer, Alejandra Guzmán, a project that has given much to talk about in entertainment media, not because of the show itself, but because of all the Rumors that revolve around the relationship of the two interpreters and ex-girlfriends of Erick Rubín.

Given all this discussion that has been generated around the ‘Perrísimas Tour’ and the state of health of Doña Susana, Paulina Rubio, no longer kept silent and declared the reasons for the lawsuit with the interpreter of ‘La Plaga’, as well as the state where is your mother.

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Paulina reveals her mother's health and relationship with Alejandra Guzmán

Paulina reveals her mother’s health and relationship with Alejandra Guzmán. Photo: Facebook.

In the most important case, Paulina revealed that unfortunately, her mother; Susana Dosamantes is trying to fight the battle against pancreatic cancer. Even the singer’s brother, Enrique, published a statement in which he assured that both they and their children, their grandchildren and her family are united and focused on the recovery of Doña Susana.

Faced with this serious situation facing the family, Paulina Rubio mentioned to the United States media that her mother is in a healing process, likewise, she thanked them for the support they have received, as well as for the opportunity to continue working.

My mother is in healing”, she commented and affirmed that she herself has decreed that her mother will be in good health. “Healthy mom, healthy mom, healthy mom, that’s my mantra and thank you for so much love and for your prayers,” she shared, Rubio.

The singer, in addition to thanking, sent a message to her followers and the media, saying that they will be seeing each other at the concerts. Hence, the press insisted on the alleged bad relationship that she has with her colleague, the rocker, Alejandra Guzmán, but the “Golden Girl” only indicated that they are improving with each presentation.

I think that every time it improves, we are not fake, we are doing things for love. Sometimes we’re good and sometimes we’re better, that’s the beauty of it, “said the singer.

After having appeared in New York City, Paulino Rubio only had compliments for his partner and his loyal fans, as he assured that the public’s response has exceeded his expectations.

It was very nice. Alexandra is amazing. I think the fans give everything and we give more, ”she assured, the interpreter of“ Mío ”.

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