Pedro Infante: This was the greatest insecurity of the leading man of the Cine de Oro

Although Pedro Infante He was considered the most handsome actor of the entire Golden Age of Cinema in Mexico also tHe had certain complexes that came to complicate his work on the big screen, so this time we will talk about this dark side of the “Idol of Guamúchil” that very few know and we will tell you What was your biggest insecurity?

Throughout his career, Pedro Infante He participated in around 60 films that made him a legend for his high and refined acting quality, moreover, from the beginning of his career He stood out for his extraordinary physique and for being one of the most sought-after leading men in the entire show businessHowever, this situation did not exempt him from feeling insecurities about his physique.

As is well known, Pedro Infante he did not drink alcohol, he did not smoke and he tried not to overindulge with anything that could compromise his health because his body was a true temple and exercise was his religionHe even had his own home gym where he worked out to keep his prominent arms and chest area in shape.

Pedro Infante is considered the greatest idol of Mexican cinema. Photo: Special

It is worth mentioning that there are some versions where Pedro Infante was assured suffered from diabetes and point out that it was because of this illness that he was extremely careful about his diet and exercise, however, this data has never been confirmed because there are no reliable testimonies or documents that prove it.

Despite his impressive physique, Pedro Infante had a peculiarity in his films that very few noticed and that had to do with his physique, since in most of them he only appeared in a frame from his waist upIn addition, in other scenes where he could well appear in shorts, he did so with three-quarter pants or folded at the bottom to try to hide her legs.

Pedro Infante participated in around 60 films throughout his career. Photo: Special

One of the first people to notice this situation was Silvia Pineal, who during the recording of “The innocent” realized that “El Inmortal” did not want to take off his pants to record some scenes on the beaches of Acapulco and it was until a couple of years ago when the beloved actress revealed that One fine day, she dared to ask the famous heartthrob directly about this situation.

After the questioning of the matriarch of the Pinal Dynasty, Pedro Infante replied that he avoided taking off his pants “because his legs were very skinny” and this situation generated insecurity because his superior corpulence was very contrasting, before his answer, Silvia Pinal commented that he did not know what to say to the actor and they never spoke about it again.

Despite the insecurities that this situation generated for Pedro Infante, yes there were some movies where he had to show his legs, Well, he had no other choice since he could not play a boxer with long shorts, so here we show you a photo where you can see the legs of the “Idol of Guamúchil”:

This is what Pedro Infante’s legs looked like. Photo: Special


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