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    You may have already heard of Blonde and the soap opera of controversies that accompany it, but you may not know that it is “a movie for all the unloved children of the world. Like Citizen Kane Y Wild bull They had a daughter.” Big words. Do you want more? Blonde is “one of the ten best films in history”, and that hardly a single image has been seen. We don’t say it, of course, but its own director, Andrew Dominik, the author of the stupendous Kill them softly and co-responsible for mindhunter. Are you being arrogant? Perhaps, but when you have been obsessed with a project for a decade and everyone who has seen the result is enthusiastic, you have earned the right to be.

    The “Unloved Girl” Blonde is clear, the blonde par excellence, Marilyn Monroe. You know, the most stunning broken doll in Hollywood. A shooting star that left behind a myth, the happy birthday most famous of television and a mysterious autopsy. Her real name was Norma Jeane Mortenson, but few cared then that the real person beneath the movie star pin-up image had a name associated with a succession of foster homes, lack of affection, and failed marriages – at least not enough to delve into the scandals and morbidity of a sleazy melodrama– or that in Marilyn Monroe’s library, that “dumb blonde” who couldn’t remember her lines on the set of Temptation lives aboveyou will find the books of Marcel Proust and Federico García Lorca.

    I don’t know if in the time of Instagram Norma’s story would have been different or if it would have been devoured much faster by her image, but I do know that Andrew Dominik is determined that we know the history of the icon, even if that requires making an atypical and dedicated biopic to fiction. A biopic in which the Cuban Ana de Armas can be the perfect incarnation of Marilyn Monroe and, yes, that was just the first of the film’s controversies. Then came the whole thing about Netflix wanting to delay the premiere of Blonde because it was an overly sexual and explicit film that has ended up with the adult rating NC-17.


    This is all we know about Blonde, the “true” story of Marilyn Monroe.

    ‘Blonde’ release date

    Andrew Dominik has been making Blonde and overcoming one obstacle after another. It was first rejected by all the major studios until it was picked up by Netflix. Then, with the film finished, the delays and problems began. The Netflix movie was supposed to premiere at Cannes 2021, but they didn’t want it to coincide with the power of the dog and there were problems with the display windows in France. So it was supposed to be delayed until Venice of that year, but Netflix also canceled it due to a dispute with Andrew Dominik over the editing and the explicit content of the film.

    Although it’s been a while Blonde it’s finished it doesn’t have a release date scheduled yet. What we do know is that it will not be seen in Cannes 2022 either and it remains to be seen if it happens in Venice. According to some rumours, it could be presented at the Sundance Festival next year, so we set ourselves a premiere date already entered 2023.

    Dominik has said that he wants the film to be released in theaters first before it becomes available on the streaming platform. streaming (although the NC-17 rating closes the doors of many theaters), so it will still take a little longer before landing on Netflix. But if you want to see Blonde imagine him, who has been waiting for 10 years.

    Synopsis of ‘Blonde’: an adaptation of Joyce Carol Oates

    Blonde does not come from nowhere but adapts the homonymous novel by Joyce Carol Oates, queen of the American thriller and recurring candidate for the Nobel Prize for Literature. With Blonde she was nominated for the Pulitzer Prize in 2000, one of only five times Oates has been a finalist for the award. Oates compiled an endless list of biographies on Marilyn Monroe before letting her imagination run wild and novelizing her life, with many licenses and an enormous vision of women and myth, in 700 pages.

    Oates’s novel begins with the relationship between Norma and her father and ends with his alleged murder, in between: the rise and fall of Marilyn Monroe. Oates is more attentive to her as a person than to the milestones of her career, but she did not hesitate to dedicate some of those 700 pages to her relationship with John F. Kennedy, her marriages to Joe DiMaggio and Arthur Miller and to investigate the reasons behind his death and that strange autopsy. As this is fiction at heart, names are often replaced by initials or pseudonyms, but we all know who it refers to.

    Obviously the novel is not an ordinary biopic either. It stands out above all for its sexual charge and its violence and really disturbing scenes that Andrew Dominik was not willing to discard. And it is that Oates continues the tradition of the southern gothic of Carson McCullers and William Faulkner and is comfortable with disturbed psychology and darkness.

    I know we’re here to talk about the movie and not the book, but despite all the times of Blonde has made headlines there is very little we know about the film beyond its PG rating and the novel behind it. The good thing is that Joyce Carol Oates has seen it and is excited about the result.

    In a Tweet Oates commented that Blond “is surprising, brilliant, very disturbing and with a totally “feminist” interpretation… I’m not sure any male director has ever pulled off something like that.” On another occasion, she delved deeper into the “horror” tone and into the union between Andrew Dominik and Ana de Armas:

    It is an exquisite portrait of Marilyn Monroe by Ana de Armas and director Andrew Dominic. One without the other perhaps they would not have been able to do this magic. The tone of the film is hard to classify, it’s not surreal but it’s not totally realistic either, it’s not “horror” but it’s infused with the dread of horror.

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    As Andrew Dominik himself told Collider, Blondein addition to being one of the 10 best films in history:

    It tells the story of how a childhood trauma shapes an adult torn between a public and a private self. It’s basically the story of every human being, but it uses a certain sense of association that we have with something very familiar, because of its media exposure. Blonde it takes all of those things and turns their meanings on their head, based on how Marilyn Monroe feels, which is basically how we live. It is the way we all operate in the world. I think it has a lot of resonance. I think the project has a lot of really exciting possibilities, in terms of what can be done, cinematically.

    Marilyn on NC-17, is ‘Blonde’ for adults only?

    The most popular of Blonde in recent months it has been its explicit sexual content that has earned it the sanbenito of the NC-17 rating. In the midst of the fights with Netflix over the final montage, which after they sent a second editor to help Dominik has been settled satisfactorily for everyone, it came to light that theThe company was especially concerned about a scene of a rape and another of a “bloody menstrual cunnilingus” that they would have wanted to censor. However, Andrew Dominik himself cleared up the rumors with ScreenDaily.

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    First of all, there was never any bloody cunnilingus. It is something that is not in the novel and that Dominik did not even think of. What there is is the scene of a rape, taken from the book by Oates and which he considered essential. We will finally see her in a montage with the approval of the director, that is, without filters or cuts or censorship.

    Is it enough to rate it with the restrictive NC-17 (something like +18 in our country)? According to Dominic, no. In euphoria there is content “much more graphic than everything that happens in Blonde”. Rather, the rating is a political issue that is only understood because Marilyn is an untouchable myth in Hollywood, and there the film does transgress with everything and runs over several “American sacred cows”. He is clear that “it would not have been possible to do it” if it were not for #MeToo, “because nobody was interested in this kind of shit before: neither what it is like to be an unwanted girl nor what it is like to go through the meat grinder that is Hollywood”.

    The cast of ‘Blonde’

    Since ten years go a long way, before the role of Marilyn Monroe fell definitively into Anne of Arms was groping other stars like Jessica Chastain but, once the actress of Deep water donned the curly blonde wig at the first audition, Dominik knew she was “the one.”

    Since then, every day of filming Ana de Armas has had to undergo three and a half hours of makeup in which the hairstyle was only a small part. Of course, the choice of a Cuban-Spanish actress to play the most iconic of blondes caused a stir, but you only have to see her to see that the result is well worth it.

    Ana de Armas as Marilyn Monroe


    Together with Ana de Armas we will see Bobby Canavale (Paxton in Ant Man) Already Adrian Brody (The pianist) as baseball star Joe DiMaggio and writer Arthur Miller, respectively, Marilyn’s second and third husband. However, as in the novel, both appear in the credits under a pseudonym, “the ex-athlete” and “the playwright”. Similarly, Casper Philipson will play a certain “the president” (aka, John F. Kennedy) as he did in the biopic of jackie. Completing the family environment of Marilyn, will appear Julianne Nicholson (Mare of Easttown) like her mother Gladys.

    Jamie McCarthyGetty Images

    To all of them we must add an extensive cast that also includes the names of Garret Dillahunt, Rebecca Wisocky, Scoot McNairy, Sara Paxton, Toby Huss, Lucy DeVito, Xavier Samuel, Catherine Dent, Spencer Garrett, Eden Riegel, Dan Butler, Evan Williams and Tygh Runyan.

    ‘Blonde’: images, poster, trailer

    Despite all the time that has passed since the shooting was finished Blonde We haven’t been able to see any official images of the film yet (much less a trailer) and for now we have to settle for images of Ana de Armas as the platinum blonde on set. However, as soon as new news or images are published you will have them in this updated article.

    Ana de Armas as Marilyn


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