Teachers of Human Medicine from Fresnillo take over the XXI Century Campus

With the seizure of the facilities of the XXI Century Campus of the Autonomous University of Zacatecas (UAZ), students and teachers of Human Medicine, campus Fresnillo, they demanded the expansion of the infrastructure by having 16 groups and only 8 classrooms.

“It was very sad to see yesterday seeing the students taking classes in the laboratories, in it parking lot, others suspended classes because there were no classrooms, so one of the main reasons is the infrastructure”, exposed Efrandn Berumen Martínez, teacher.

Another reason why they protested It was to request the revocation of the director of this campus, Ernesto Alvarado Flores, because he has not noneto management, during his administration, to improve theconditions of the school, “we feel that he does not preach with thessame ideas of construction of the school”.

Also, the dissatisfied They pointed out that there is no health plan for returning to school, “there are no filters, there is no gel, there is no water and, although we are doctors, We are struggling with going back to school.”; what’s more, Because of the reduced spaces, you cannot take a healthy distance.

Besides, pending payment is required from 12 teachers who gave internships in hospitals, who resigned before this probblematic, because when claiming the resource they were told that it was from last year’s budget, hence, “It no longer existed and there was no longer a way to pay them.”

To the place came the ssecretary ggeneral of the UAZ, Ángel Román Gutiérrez, as well as the coordinator of CienHealth Sciences, Juan Armando Flores de la Torre, to start a dialogue table. The protesters stated that, If no agreement is reached, continuean manifesting.

For your part, the director of Human Medicine UAZ, Fresnillo extension, EErnesto Alvarado Flores, informed that they have made the pertinent requests for the expansion of the infrastructure in the unit, however, he admitted that the health contingency has slowed down the management to guarantee sufficient spaces.

He detailed that The requests made public by the teachers this Tuesday are valid and it is interested in serving them, since it is necessary to expand the space.

He stressed that they have made arrangements with the mining company, that there is rapprochement with the city council, pero that the sanitary conditions have not allowed progress despite the fact that they require more equipment in the unit.

“I think we have to attend to the concerns of the students, of the teachers, our job is to see that they are well; we have managedit is with the mining company, we have already started talks with the city council, he claimed.

He acknowledged that the request is legitimate and they are working on this situation, in addition to that they have already established communication with teachers who are dissatisfied.

“The return has beencomplex because the school has had up to 700 students, in combination with the two schools: MFresnillo edition and Ppsychology, because the population is large, in such a way that it does require growth, andThis is an area of ​​opportunity, we have a lot of land toto grow”, he explained.

Yet So, He recognized that in this cycle they have optimized the spaces to give attention to the students during the return to classes, “but, I insist, we are on the same channel, they want to make this demonstration and we have to attend to it”, he concluded.uoyed

At the conclusion of the dialogue table, the protesters released the facilities when the authorities committed themselves to the management before the federal authorities to obtain resources and improve the infrastructure conditions.

It will have to work and manage so that the students have adequate facilities and that they do not have overcrowded classes, that do not help the students’ learning, by the central administration it will be donen thesproposals for management before the federal authority and growa”, explained Roman Gutierrez.

In addition, He explained that he will install a work table to review each of the pending points such as the workload and the lack of payment to teachers, as well as the dismissal of the director of the institution.

On the subject of the health protocol, he explained, they will have to apply the one endorsed by the University Council, so work will be done to provide conditions.