The love story of Raúl Vale with Angélica María, Arlette Pacheco and Hanny Sáenz

When the actress and singer was asked Angelica Maria If she would be interested in taking her life to a bioseries, she has always said no, because if she did, she would have to talk about those who hurt and betrayed her, but although she was referring to the professional, she personally experienced one of the most mediatic scandals of the 80s. , when her then husband Raul Vale he was unfaithful with a young actress, Arlette Pacheco.

Raúl Vale already came from a marriage, as a result of this relationship his eldest children Raúl and Lourdes were born; when he met Angélica María, who went to see him at a nightclub and there she fell in love with the talent of the actor and comedian, because in addition to being a composer he mastered around 15 instruments.

“I said, how well he sings, how well he composes, what a cool boy. He invited me out and that night I fell in love with Raúl Vale, I fell in love with his talent but he was also adorable and nice, so bohemian and he composes songs for you, well, he made me crazy and I got married,” said the interpreter of “Eddy, Eddy” in an interview for the program “In the company of…”, which was hosted by the journalist Gustavo Adolfo Infante.

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marriage and controversy

Their marriage took place in 1974, amid expectation and controversy, beginning because Angélica María was pregnant and he was a relatively new artist compared to his wife’s career, so he had to deal for a long time with versions of that he was with her to gain fame and also money, because they assured that the girlfriend from Mexico supported him; but this was not the worst that the singer had to endure.

“The only defect that Raúl had was being a cusco, he was sent to half the world, to almost all my friends, I found out after I divorced that with this one and with the other,” Angélica María said in the same interview.

She assured that he was a very discreet man with his adventures, so she became aware of his infidelities through his songs, but she could not bear one more when she discovered the idyll he had with Arlette Pacheco and that was when he wrote the song “Que forgive me both”, but it was Irma Serrano who confirmed it.

Who was one of the most sought-after youth stars of the 60s, assured that it was at that moment that he took all his things from Raúl Vale and said goodbye, just when his daughter Angélica Vale was entering adolescence, she was 14 years old, and She suffered terribly the separation from her parents, she was so upset with her father that it took her two years to speak to him again.

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The romance with Arlette Pacheco

The infatuation between Arlette Pacheco and him was very similar to that with Angélica, she went to see him at a show, she was impressed when she saw him and went to congratulate him to the hotel suite where he was performing; The actress assured the journalist Mara Patricia Castañeda, that at that time it did not happen anymore and they stopped seeing each other for many years, until they coincided in Acapulco at an event of the label to which the two belonged and said that that was when The version that they had a relationship was unleashed, which he pointed out, was given later.

But contrary to what he had already said, Pacheco shared the following on the “Sale el Sol” program: “I did apologize to her (Angélica María), I did tell her: ‘Forgive me, I never wanted to hurt you, I fell in love.’ She told me: ‘I understand, the same thing happened to me with Lourdes (Vale’s first wife).’ But it did affect me in some way because you can’t explain to each person.”


Instagram arlettepacheco18.

Even in a magazine with national circulation, she confirmed Vale’s infidelity with her for three years, when he was still married to Angélica María, something that she regretted because of the damage she had done.

“He invited me to dinner but there was no dinner, I spent the night with him and the next morning he took me to my hotel,” Pacheco confessed about his first meeting with Raúl Vale, whom he ended after a while and when she started another relationship this one He was furious and then he did separate from Angélica María to marry her 10 days later.

The infidelities continued

Arlette Pacheco and Raúl Vale were married on October 29, 1989 in Acapulco, and were married for 7 years, during which time they procreated Nicole and Carla, who maintain a close relationship with Angélica Vale, but the honeymoon ended when now It was Arlette who discovered a new infidelity of the Venezuelan.

The actress remembers that she always traveled from Puerto Vallarta, where she lived with the singer, to where he was going to perform, but on one occasion her daughters got sick and she had to stay home, it was there that the romance between Raúl Vale and his showgirl Hanny Saenzwho was 31 years younger than him.


“The truth is that Arlette fell in love and my dad continued to be crazy, what can I tell you? Then it was poor Arlette’s turn. With that dad, either you learn to love him as he is or you are traumatized for life. “Angélica Vale declared about it in a television program.

A year after his divorce from Pacheco, Raúl Vale married Hanny Saenz on June 9, 1998, in a beautiful garden in Toluca, and later they honeymooned in Las Vegas.

This union lasted until the moment of the death of Raúl Vale, on December 7, 2003 due to lung cancer. Hanny got involved in a legal dispute with the children of Raúl Vale, who in the end changed her will and did not leave her as universal heir but only as one of her beneficiaries, losing the dispute in the end.